Water for Zambia, Hot Sauce for You

Water for Zambia is a relief project led by Emily McKeone, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in Zambia, Africa. Emily’s goal is to provide daily access to clean drinking water for schools and villagers in rural Zambia. Learn more at the project website.


A zesty way to support Water for Zambia: Donate $25 to the Water for Zambia project, get two Dirt Nap Dip sauces delivered to your door (free shipping).



Why is MRP supporting Water for Zambia?

Our history and mission say it best: Founded by two U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers, MRP’s mission is to improve communities through education, healthy lifestyles and environmental conservation efforts.

This project puts us in a great position to achieve our mission. And it supports a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer’s efforts, a Nebraska-native no less, which is also an organizational priority of MRP.

It follows up on previous MRP efforts. Through the “Dorfs Across the World” program MRP shipped baldorf supplies to Emily’s host community in 2014.

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