Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead

by The Sauce Goddess

My name is Jennifer and I am the Sauce Goddess. I started my company back in 2001 on a dare from my friends while having a beer or two on the beach in San Diego. I make smoke-free BBQ sauce based on a recipe my Dad has been making since I was about 2. I expanded the line into some spicy flavors and added rubs to the mix over the years. You can check out our products at to see more.

I have always enjoyed spicy food here and there. I love food in general so really anything goes except maybe some funky animal parts or weird bugs. I remember eating spicy Chinese with my friend Bob and he would put so much of that chile oil on his meals he’d be sweating. We’d both be laughing and sweating by the end of the meal. I guess that’s where it started, my love of spicy food and that rush.

So disclaimer here, I don’t eat the super hot chiles on a regular basis at all. I love the flavor, but I really had to figure out how to enjoy them without blowing out my taste buds and not enjoying the rest of my meal.

Enter Al Buddah Goldenberg and the Feast Your Eyes on This challenge. I had not even cooked with any super hots other than Habanero… yep it’s true. So week by week, I experimented with Ghost chiles, and Seven Pots and Giant White Habaneros and Moruga Scoprion Peppers. A lot of these peppers were supplied to me by fellow San Diegan, Jim Duffy at Refining Fire Chiles. He had me out to his place to pick and taste a huge variety of chiles, not all super hot at all.

I have figured out a cook way to cook with these chiles and make great meals. I’ll show you the great recipes and the accidental missteps so you don’t have to suffer yourselves. I’m super happy to share all these recipes with you. If you want to add some Sauce Goddess to your life, great. I hope you enjoy the adventures of the Accidental Chilehead in the months to come.

Jennifer Reynolds
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