Pepper of the Month – August ’15

by Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy from SD news article

My name is Jim Duffy and I am the owner and founder of Refining Fire Chiles. We started off in 2003 as a small Hobby business that made salsa and sold peppers at local markets top raise money to help at risk youth in East County San Diego. The centers these kids went to after school and on weekends are called Youth Venture. Now we have grown to a business that sells retail and wholesale chile seeds, chile plants, dried chile powders, dried peppers and also fresh seasonal wholesale peppers. We sell on an International level everything except chile plants. We are involved in growing operations in 6 States and 4 countries. Our goal is to raise awareness on the diverse varieties of chiles many have never grown or tasted. Our other goal is to use a portion of our profits earned to help others in need. That can be people in the chile community, small business and youth at risk.

Featured Pepper

Sugar Rush Peach-(Capsicum bacattum)-This is a rare Peach colored Capsicum bacattum variety from Wales , UK that is very sweet with citrus tones. Yet it does have close to habanero heat! It might be the only Peach colored Aji type we have ever seen. Similar to Aji Amarillo but much sweeter and that’s why it’s called Sugar Rush! A Wales chile grower named Chris Fowler was growing a red Aji type called Sugar Rush that most likely had originated from South America . He then started getting Peach colored peppers he found were sweeter so he stabilized the Peach variety! The Sugar Rush Chile Plants will grow over 5 feet tall and will need staking. Like many Aji’s they have a long season but produce lots of peppers into the fall. We owe our friend Chris from the U.K. a thank you for sharing this variety with us! The Sugar Rush chile plants can grow over 4 feet tall. There is also a delicious sauce created by Timothy Bader of Volcanic Peppers called Lava Mango Marseillais that uses this pepper. He has a limited amount so get it while you can!


Sugar Rush Peach

Refining Fire Chiles
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