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Our Vision

We believe hot sauce is not just about heat. Hot sauce is about flavor, nuance, complexity, uniqueness, and heat. Not blazing heat. Not bitter extracts. About heat that allows subtle and bold flavors to shine through without overwhelming the palate or the dish. Our vision is founded on passion – passion for cooking, passion for peppers, and passion for creating something greater than the sum of its parts.

​So, Taste First…Ask Questions Later! We’re sure the only question will be “Where can I get more!”

Our History

Although I did not know at the time, Ken’s Pepper Works started in 1987 in a Baton Rouge restaurant called Mike Anderson’s. While I waited for a table I sat down at the bar and ordered oysters on the half shell. The bartender brought out ingredients to make cocktail sauce. One of those ingredients was Tiger Sauce. That was my first hot sauce and I have been hooked ever since.

In 2009 I started making my own hot sauces because I wasn’t happy with the commercial offerings. Like many, I was looking for something with less vinegar – a versatile sauce that could be put on just about anything. Let’s face it, I’m not always in the mood for vinegar but I’m usually in the mood for chiles! Since I am an avid cook, this proved to be an excellent way to pass time and use the summer’s chile pepper harvest.

Eventually, friends began to rave and urged me to sell my sauces. I began experimenting and fine tuning my recipes. My first sauce was RED THUNDER and with its Asian BBQ flavor profile, I could not make it fast enough to keep my friends in stock. I decided I needed more than one sauce to start my company so I began developing new sauces. My goal was to have three very different sauces. I love Mexican flavors and have a killer chili recipe that I used as a template to make RIO GRANDE MUD. Finally, I am a huge fan of fruit-based hot sauces and especially love pineapples. The Caribbean is a great inspiration for hot sauce so I developed a pineapple-scotch bonnet hot sauce and ISLAND SUNSHINE was born.

​One thing led to another and here we are…I have a website and three hot sauces and you are reading all about it!

Take a tropical trip to a warm and sunny place and experience the perfect marriage of pineapples and scotch bonnet peppers. Say “I Do” to ISLAND SUNSHINE! Medium Hot.  Fruity and slightly sweet.

Pair With:
Chicken, fish, pork, eggrolls, shrimp, pizza, mac & cheese, eggs, BBQ, Asian dishes and many other foods. Limited only by your imagination!

INGREDIENTS: Pineapple, Vinegar, Pineapple Concentrate, Carrots, Red Onions, Brown Sugar, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Ginger, Red Habanero Peppers, Valencia Oranges, Honey, Garlic, Sea Salt, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice

Our Reviewers are Fiber Joe, Derick Woods, & Zombie

Fiber Joe

Derick Woods


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    Thanks for the reviews guys. Great job and I’m glad everyone liked the sauce.

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