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New hot sauce of the month club offers three different club types, a choice of membership lengths, and 5% off all retail orders.
Hot Sauce of The Month Club

KELLER, TexasJan. 11, 2016PRLog — Hot Sauce Depot has launched their new hot sauce of the month club called the Sauce of the Month Plus Club. Hot sauce fans can choose from three different club types based on their personal taste preferences as well as select the duration of their club membership. In addition to receiving a new hot sauce each month, club members also get 5% off all retail orders online throughout their membership.

“We wanted to offer a couple options for the club since not everyone likes the extremely hot sauces,” said Rick Morris, owner of Hot Sauce Depot. “The 5% off discount is another perk that sets this club apart from some of the others.”

The three different clubs are the Mild/Medium Club, the Hot Club, and the Surprise Me! Club. The Mild/Medium Club is for people with a lower heat tolerance or those who have been recently introduced into the world of hot sauce. Although the sauces in this club are not very hot, they include a wide variety of flavor profiles from tangy Louisiana-style to smoky Chipotle to sweet fruit-based. The Hot Club offers sauces that are heavy on heat as well as flavor. Some sauces in the Hot Club may contain pepper extract, which means that the heat level can range from hot to extremely hot. Finally, the Surprise Me! Club is for hot sauce fans who can handle very hot sauces as well as appreciate the mild and medium flavors.

Each month, club members receive a full-sized bottle of hot sauce that has been taste-tested and hand-picked by a staff member. Sauces are not repeated over the course of a membership, and one month out of the membership will include a spicy snack other than hot sauce. This product could be a wing sauce; BBQ sauce, spicy chips, popcorn, or jerky; or another type of fiery food. Along with a unique sauce, club members will also receive a QR code that links to a web page with information about the sauce. This page will include the sauce’s flavor profile, a brief biography of the sauce producer, and cooking tips or tasting recommendations.

Finally, club members receive 5% off all retail purchases online on all products, including products that are already on sale. This special discount lasts the entire duration of their club membership, which can be either 6 months or 1 year.

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