REVIEW: Little Bird Curious Confections – Fire Bites


About Us

We are Corey and Sara Meyer, owners of Little Bird. We make all sorts of strange and wonderfully curious confections in Queens, New York.

Like many great origin stories it all began with Chocolate Covered Orange Peels. Sara made them as a present for Corey. They came out great. So Sara started candying everything in the house. She decided to try candied Jalapeños. Corey told her that she was nuts. Sara didn’t listen, as usual. Good thing this time. They were awesome. Sara brought the candied Jalapeños to work and her co-workers placed orders. Little Bird was hatched.

The final touch was the name Little Bird — it comes from Corey’s grandmother Fay whose name means Little Bird.

So, that’s our story. We hope you enjoy our treats as much as we enjoy making them.

Corey and Sara Meyer

Our reviewers for this one are Fiber Joe, Travis, & LeeAnn

Fiber Joe




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