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Hi, everyone!

I want to apologize for the extended downtime for I Love It Spicy.  The short version is this:

  • At my host provider, there was a problem with the hard drive that held Thumbhosting (Al Buddah’s host) as well as several websites that are not part of my company.  That was causing the initial “Internal Server Error”.
  • The initial fix did not work as a new drive was “DoA”.
  • A second replacement drive had corrupted information that was copied over to the in house backup.
    • This caused a severe corruption in my VPS to the point it was destroyed.  This also affected an unknown number of other VPS failures that ultimately was worse than here.
  • Several mySQL databases were corrupted as well.  I Love It Spicy seems to have escaped relatively unharmed, though.  Your admins will be checking things out over the next few days.  Contributors, please check your articles for damaged information.
  • Originally, the overall odds of data recovery, as I mentioned before on the FB Chileheads group was a slim 5%.  This site has beaten those odds!

To ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future where there wasn’t an immediate backup, my own host provider is sending me nightly backups of all the sites I am hosting, including this one.  That way, should there be another mishap, recovery will be far quicker!

Again, I am deeply sorry for this problem, and ask for your forgiveness/pardon.

Dan Trigona,
Thumbhosting Web Services.


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