2016 World Hot Sauce Awards

2016 World Hot Sauce Awards
Louisiana Hot Sauce Expo, Lafayette, La.

Hot Sauce Division

3rd Mikey V’s Sweet Ghost Pepper Sweet & Hot Sauce
2nd Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce
1st Tropical Spices, LLC Sing Sing Teriyaki Hot Sauce

3rd Todd’s Originals Llc – Inner Beauty
2nd The Trinidad Sauce Company – Original Pepper Sauce
1st Rasta Bros – Rasta Hot Sauce

3rd Samba Flavor – Feijoada (Fayzh-wah-duh) Hot Sauce
2nd Savage Jerky’s Mojo Habanero Hot Sauce
1st Secret Aardvark’s Habanero Hot Sauce

3rd Meier Food Products LLC – Devil’s Envy
2nd The Chilli Effect – Sting like a Bee
1st Mundi Sauce – Butternut Bomb

Louisiana Style

3rd – Eaglewingz – Chesapeake Brand Hot Sauce
2nd – Diemens – Australian Made Stinger Hot Sauce
1st – Stevie Macs Gourmet Sauces – Cayenne Explosion

3rd Burns and McCoy Sauce Company – Burns and McCoy Smoked Habanero Roasted Garlic
2nd The Lucky Taco Imperio Ltd. – Chipotle Hot Sauce
1st Born to Hula, LLC – Smokehaus Blues

3rd Dashelito’s Hot Sauces & Spicy Foods – Dashelito’s Undertow
2nd Lazy Y Ranch – Truth Serum Plum Crazy
1st Sam & Oliver, LLC – Mind Flay – Strawberry and Reaper

Pepper Blend
3rd Hoff & Pepper – Hoff Sauce
2nd Chilli Lingo Hot Sauce Company – The Centurion
1st Captain Mowatt’s – Canceaux Sauce

3rd Scotty O’Hotty Hot Sauce – Beer Bacon Chipotle
2nd Dawson’s Hot Sauce – Garlic Jalapeno
1st Humboldt Hot Sauce – Emerald Sauce

3rd K-Sauce – K-3 Keenan’s Be Afraid Hot Sauce
2nd Chili Hungária Manufaktúra (Hungary) – Kabai Fireball
1st Crazy Bastard Sauce (Germany) – Habanero & Tomatillo

3rd Wild West Worcester – Sweet Black Sauce
2nd Pot Uno’s Infamous Hot Sauces – Assbuster
1st FrogBone – Bone Reaper Hot Sauce

3rd Mikey V’s Foods – Mikey V’s Reaper Unleashed
2nd Gorki Chili – All Stars
1st Fire Dragon Chillies – Deadly

Ultra Hot
3rd Mr Saucy – Ghost
2nd Volim Ljuto j.d.o.o. – Brutalero Scorpion
1st Primo’s Peppers – Swampadelic Sauce

Hot Sauce Divisional Champion – FrogBone – Bone Reaper Hot Sauce


BBQ Sauce Division

Alcohol Infused
3rd Melbourne Hot Sauce – Gran Humo Negro
2nd Baxter’s Original Limited – Spicy Bourbon
1st Deep River Specialty Foods – Cracked Spur Sauce

3rd CRC Inc. (Circle R Cookers) – Riley’s Triple R Sauce
2nd Southern Belles Gourmet BBQ – Original Belle
1st Old Florida Style Foods – Old Florida Style Datil Pepper Honey Barbeque Glaze Sweet & Spicy

3rd Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces – Scorched Earth BBQ “Coffee, Chocolate & Habanero BBQ Sauce”
2nd Motherlode Provisions – Rocky Mountain Style Barbeque Sauce
1st Daniel’s of Louisiana, LLC – Zip Zam Bam Spicy BBQ & Dipping Sauce

3rd Smoky Jon’s # 1 BBQ – Smoky Jon’s Fiery Gourmet Supreme BBQ Sauce
2nd Uncle Jim’s Foods, Inc. – Uncle Jim’s Wild Habanero Barbeque Sauce
1st Daigle Family Co/ Daigle’s BBQ Sauce – Daigle’s Sweet Habanero Rib Sauce

3rd Butch’s Smack Your Lips – SuperPyro BBQ Sauce
2nd Cobra Chilli – Carolina BBQ Sauce
1st Ghost Foods – BBQ Sauce XXX

3rd Baxter’s Original Limited – Chipotle
2nd Melbourne Hot Sauce -Chipotle BBQ
1st Crowley’s Hot Sauce – Smoke & Fire

3rd Smoky Jon’s # 1 BBQ – Fiery Supreme
2nd Geno’s Sauces – Geno’s Spicy Sauce
1st Sweet & Spicy, LLC- Hot Alaskan Umani Sauce

Mustard Based
3rd My-Chilli, s.r.o. – Honey Mustard Sauce
2nd Aunty Lilikoi Products – Aunty Lilikoi Passion Fruit Kiawe BBQ Sauce
1st Sam & Oliver’s LLC – Molten Gold

Vinegar Based
3rd The Hawg House LLC (aka Sloppy 2nds) – Sloppy 2nds Southern Style Orange
2nd Lug’s Rubs and Sauces – JERK -The Original
1st Smokey Moon BBQ Company – Smokey Moon Grillin and Sippin BBQ Sauce

3rd Captain Mowatt’s – Captain Mowatt’s Bar Harbor Que
2nd Mikey V’s Foods – Mikey V’s Hall Of Flame Cherry BBQ Sauce
1st Southern Belles BBQ – Pineapple Twang

BBQ Sauce Division Champion – Daigle Family Co/ Daigle’s BBQ Sauce – Daigle’s Sweet Habanero Rib Sauce


Salsa Division

3rd Cajun Tex Salsa Hickory Smoked Salsa Picante – Mild
2nd Salsa del Diablo Minnesota Mild
1st 2 Sisters Salsa Fiesta

3rd A & J Salsa LLC – Medium Salsa with Serrano and Banana Peppers
2nd 5Gen Salsa -5Gen Sweet & Spicy Salsa, Chunky style
1st CajunTex Salsa & More – CajunTex Hickory-Smoked Salsa Picante – Medium

3rd Casa Morales Inc – Bocho’s Blend
2nd La Casita Hot Sauce – La Casita Hot Sauce Calinete Extra Hot
1st Mikey V’s Foods – Mikey V’s Texas Ex’s

Xtra Hot
3rd A & J Salsa LLC – Exxtreme Salsa with Habanero, Ghost Pepper and Trinidad Scorpion Peppers
2nd Deception Salsa – I Dare You
1st Todd’s Originals Llc – Todds Ghost Pepper Salsa

Bean & Corn
3rd Deception Salsa – Entice
2nd Cajun Tex Salsa – Bayou Gold Hickory-Smoked Black Bean & Corn Salsa
1st Bow Valley BBQ – Sweet Chili Corn Salsa

3rd Serna’s Hot Verde Salsa
2nd Deception Salsa Jealous
1st Bonfatto’s Hoppy Verde 2 U

3rd Todd’s Original – Todd’s Chipotle Salsa
2nd Born to Hula – Smokehaus Salsa
1st Texas Brew Salsa – Salsa Charra

3rd Texas Brew Salsa – Cinnamon Pear Confit
2nd Tastin’ Jamaican Caribbean Style Salsa -Tastin’ Jamaican Caribbean Style Blueberry Peach Salsa
1st Deception Salsa – Aloha

Salsa Division Champion – Mickey V’s Texas Ex’s


Snacks Division

3rd – Fox Point Pickling Company – Spicy Dill Pickles
2nd – Old Florida Style Foods – Datil Pepper Garlic Pickle Chips Sweet & Spicy
1st – Mikey V’s – Spicy Reaper Pickles

Pickled Other
3rd – Bolder Beans – Bolder Garlic
2nd – Bolder Beans – Bolder Mushrooms
1st – Bolder Beans – Bolder Beans – Hot

Salty Snacks
3rd – Hacienda Maize- Jammin’ Curried Peanuts
2nd – CajunTex Salsa & More – CajunTex Cajun Spicy Chips
1st – Ghost Foods – Cheese balls w/Bhut Jolkia powder

3rd Stung Tongue – ZomBee cinnamon candy
2nd Overkill Hot Sauce – Candied Jalapeños with Pineapple
1st Texas Toffee Queen, LLC – White Chocolate Peach Ginger Habanero Toffee

Dessert Sauce

1st Sweet Heat Gourmet – Spiced Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Snacks Division Champion – Ghost Foods – Cheese balls w/Bhut Jolokia powder


Cook – Off Division

Dry Seasoning Rub – Pork

3rd Ranch Hand Foods (Australia) – Beale Street Memphis Style BBQ Rub
2nd T2Recipes – Ole Man’s Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend
1st CRC BBQ – Riley’s Red Rub

Dry Seasoning Rub – Beef

3rd Swimmin’ in Smoke – Cattle Call
2nd CRC BBQ – Riley’s Smoky and Bold
1St T2Recipes – Ole Man’s Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend

Dry Seasoning Rub – Fowl

3rd CRC BBQ – Riley’s Red Rub
2nd Mike D’s BBQ – Mike D’s BBQ Sweet & Spicy Rub
1st Swimmin’ in Smoke – Chik Bait

Dry Seasoning Rub – Fish

3rd Swimmin’ in Smoke – Fish Bait
2nd T2Recipes – Ole Man’s Spice Rub & Seasoning Mediterranean Blend
1st FrogBone Cajun Sauces – Blackened Seasoning – Rub Fish


3rd Secret Aardvark Trading Co. – Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade
2nd Hacienda Maize – Hacienda Maize Jammin Steak Diablo a’ la Mole
1st Rasta Bros. – Jamaican Jerk Marinade

Wings Sauce – Mild / Medium

3rd Bonfatto’s – Bonfatto’s Original Wing Sauce
2nd Culley’s Limited – Culley’s Buffalo Wing Sauce
1st Sparkys – Sparkys Wings

Wing Sauce Hot/X-Hot

3rd LRAS LLC dba Lug’s Rubs and Sauces – JERK -The Original
2nd Sweet & Spicy, LLC – Alaskan Umami Sauce – Extra Hot
1st Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce – Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce

Bloody Mary Mix

3rd 5Gen Salsa – 5Gen Bloody Mary Mix
2nd Bolder Beans – Mary’s Mornin’ FiXXer
1st Backyard Mary, LLC – Backyard Mary Bloody Mary Mixer Medium Happy Spicy

Dry Dip Mix

3rd Most Delightful Foods, LLC – Taste the Seasons Tropical Chutney Cheese Spread and Dip Mix
2nd Most Delightful Foods, LLC – Taste the Seasons Gazpacho Cheese Spread and Dip Mix
1st Most Delightful Foods, LLC – Taste the Seasons Cajun Trinity Cheese Spread and Dip Mix

Cook Off Division Winner T2Recipes – Ole Man’s Spice Rub & Seasoning Original Blend


Jerky Division

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Cherry Pineapple Jerky
2nd Katies Beef Jerky – Pina Colada Pineapple Jerky
1st Katies Beef Jerky – Brown Sugar Pineapple Jerky

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Teriyaki Beef Jerky
2nd Savage Jerky – Sriracha Teriyaki
1st Cactus Pete’s – Teriyaki

Black Pepper
3rd Cactus Pete’s – Black Pepper
2nd Mikey V’s – Cowboy Black Pepper
1st Katies’ Beef Jerky – Pepper Original

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Garlic Lovers Dream
2nd Cactus Pete’s – Jalapeno
1st Savage Jerky – Sriracha Bacon

3rd Katies Beef Jerky – Seriously Spicy
2nd Cactus Petes – Jamaican Me Crazy
1st Born to Hula – Mammoth Beef Jerky – Crush it Habanero Ancho

Xtra Hot
3rd Steel Cowboy Jerky – Wildfire
2nd Katie’s Beef Jerky – 7 Pot Primo
1st Savage Jerky – Ghost Pepper Buffalo Sauce

Specialty Jerky

3rd Ria’s Roadkill Jerky – Korean BBQ Jerky
2nd Savage Jerky -Sweet Sriracha
1st Ria’s Roadkill Jerky – Original Beef Jerky

Jerky Division Winner – Savage Jerky – Sriracha Bacon


Marketing Division

3rd www.southernbellesbbq.com
2nd www.huffmanssauces.com
1st www.smokeymoonsauce.com

Hot Sauce Label Only

3rd Wild West Worcester – Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
2nd Diemen’s – Diemen’s Original Australian Made Hot Sauce
1st Primo’s Peppers – Swampadelic Sauce

BBQ Sauce Label Only
3rd Full Boar BBQ – Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce
2nd Smokey Moon – Grillin’ & Sippin’ BBQ Sauce
1st Southern Belles Gourmet BBQ

Other Label Only

3rd Serna’s Salsa
2nd The ‘Hot Enough’ Vodka Company
1st Wild Bill’s Wing Sauce

Gift Pack

3rd 2 Sister’s Salsa
2nd Sam & Oliver
1st Frog Bone Cajun Sauces


3rd Huffmans
2nd The ‘Hot Enough’ Vodka Company
1st Motherlode Provisions

Marketing Division Champ Primo’s Peppers Swampadelic


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