Another edit/request:  I’ve noticed some error 404s popping up in the logs I have, but, I am not getting the actual URL or even title of the webpage in question.  If folks would PM me with the URL or page title, I can go in and repair the permalinks.  Thanks!

Update:  Well, that trick didn’t work.  Changing the affected files to read-only was a speed-bump as whoever is doing this reverted the affected files to writable…and erasable as a result.  They were reverted back to 0 bytes.  I may have to put I Love It Spicy into a different mode for a few hours to see if they are coming in through the front door, or if there’s a back-door in somewhere that is allowing these overrides.

Whoever is doing this…needs to eat 50 Reapers at one sitting.

Hi, Everyone,

You may have noticed some problems with the site over the last week or so being accessible and throwing fatal errors.  Well, it turns out that a hacker I love it spicy altered fileshas managed to get into the core files and was clearing the data out of five vital files.  See the illustration here.  I’ve made these files read-only and earlier discovered that the hacker placed an illegal re-direct into the system.

I was able to reverse that problem easily enough.

To the hacker(s):  Move along because I am isolating the IP numbers and each one I find, I shall block at the server level, even if it means blocking by country.  You are not welcome here and if these attacks continue, charges in US Federal Court will be leveled against you as a “John Doe”.  I do not know what gripe you have against this site or by what right you think you have to redirect or alter this site, but, I WILL PROTECT MY HOSTED WEBSITES!

Thank you,
Dan Trigona





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