Buddah’s 2013 Ultimate Chilehead Roadtrip – Part 1

Ragin Cajun Hat

My trip began at my place of work in Reston, VA, continued to Houston, TX and then onward to New Orleans. I got to take part in 2 shows, visited with some chilehead friends along the way in my travels and got to spend some quality time with a lot of great people. I did close to 3,000 miles, and it was a trip I will never forget until the day my brain stops functioning. This trip changed me in a very good way, but it wasn’t without some highs and lows. In the coming days, I will tell you much of what I experienced, the good and the bad. I have a lot of people to thank and praise, so please allow me that license to kiss a little booty from time to time. So let me get going with how it all started…

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Are there too many hot sauce shows?


We are at the brink of another huge event within the chilehead community we all love. This event is the 2nd of 4 new events for the 2013 calendar. The 1st event, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo set the bar, and it is really high because it did very well for most that were involved. The surprising part is that show did all the preshow prep work in just 3 1/2 months time. Ask a chilehead or a vendor who attended the show if they thought the show hit a homerun or not. Now in less than a week, Zestfest Midwest will launch in what many hope to be an equal or greater event as the original flagship Zestfest event of the Dallas-Forth Worth area. While Spicy Foods Productions has many years of experience behind them with organizing the original Zestfest, they are also doing this event in just a few months short time. 6 months to be exact. Probably not the best way to organize a hot show, but the results will speak volumes.

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Grimaldi’s Pizzeria: The Making of Volcanic Peppers’ Fiery Pizza


On my way up to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo my first stop was to visit Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. My intent was to do an interview with the owner or manager and give a little insight on the Volcanic Peppers’ Fiery Pizza Challenge we were going to do at the Expo. Unfortunately the owner was too busy, the manager got sick, and so the next person up the pizza hierarchy was Ralph who admitted to me was a lover of spicy food. So I was happy with that exchange. What I did not prepare myself for was that they wanted to make me one of the fiery pizzas for our challenge. They broke down the spice in 11 equal amounts, 10 for the contestants and 1 trial and error pizza for yours truly. I filmed the entire process so you can see how they put together one of the great pizzas known to man.

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Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge 2013- Round 2

Round 2

We are back again with Round 2 of our spicy cooking contest. The video below has the newest challenge for our contestants as we whittle down from 8 to 7 with the results of Round 1, our pepper jelly challenge. I will also announce the winner who will get a bonus for this new challenge round, and the loser who will no longer be part of the contest. Round 2 is being sponsored by our 2011 Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Champion, Clement Bourg of Cajun Heat. He will be a guest judge and give a $50 gift card to the winner of this round.

The overall winner of Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge will receive a free vendor booths from both the Houston Hot Sauce Festival & Zestfest Midwest. Plus, Chile Pepper Magazine will give an advertising package valued at over $2000. Cash prizes will also be awarded by Endorphin Farms & Refining Fire Chiles. Together, 1st place will receive an additional $300, the runner-up $150, and 3rd place $100. Plus, on top of all that good stuff, they will get one big ass trophy from yours truly. I thank all our great sponsors for their contributions to this spicy cooking challenge. Without them we would have no contest.

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New Year’s Spicy Resolutions

new years resolutions

We all make goals for the New Year, and although I do not know the percentages, most of them fail. Last year, my lofty weight loss resolution lasted through my vacation and 4 hot sauce events in 4 different cities, plus a trip to NY, all to fall by the wayside Memorial Weekend. 5 months might be considered pretty good, but in the end a failure is still a failure. Sure I would like to have more control over that part of my life, as would so many others, and that is why we create these “resolutions” in the first place. They should be called “revolutions” because it is a war with a fight against our Mother Country – ourselves. We all want to overthrow the tyrant in charge and stop the miserable conditions we are in and put someone else who cares to make our lives better. You know how those campaign promises go? It all looks good, but power corrupts in the end, and the next thing you know you are worse off than when you started.

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High River Sauces Premiers New TV Commercial

High River Sauces, the award winning Hot Sauce Company started by Mosh Potatoes Cookbook (Simon & Schuster) author and music industry veteran Steve Seabury is proud to announce the premier of his TV commercial on this weekend’s episode of VH1’s “That Metal Show”. The commercial titled “Oh That’s Hot” will debut on October 27th between 11 PM to Midnight EST and will continue to air nationally until November 10th . The commercial is a blend of spicy humor and B-Movie Special effects. Just what you would expect for a hot sauce commercial.

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Chileheads Pro Football Pick ’em 2012

I have setup a fun Yahoo football pick’em league where each NFL week you pick who the winners of each game will be. Perhaps we will get some volunteers to donate some prizes or we might not. I just created this now, and we will see how it goes. 5 Rules to abide by:

1- You have to be a member of our Facebook Chileheads group page for the duration of the NFL season
2- You have to enter your name as people know you as, so if we do have prizes you will be able to collect on it. No fake names please.
3- This is meant to be fun and friendly, so any off-color remarks will get you booted from the league.
4- There is no spread, so all you have to do is get your picks in 5 minutes before the 1st game is played for each week.
5- Any ties will be broken by:
a) total of last 3 weeks
b) total of last 5 weeks
c) total of last 6 weeks
d) total of last 8 weeks
e) size of commissioner bribe

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How Deep is Your Chile Pepper Love?

Do you have curtains, clocks, ceramics, wall art with chile peppers on them? Is your kitchen theme wall to wall chiles? Do you dress up your child or yourself in a chile pepper costume for Halloween or special occasions? I will admit that I have a few things with such a theme. In my kitchen I have oven mitts, a cutting board, wall clock and a paper towel holder with the chile design.

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Johnny McLaughlin’s Chilehead Karaoke Rockaria Party 2012

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