Sean “Boyardee” Boley does his last review for ILoveItSpicy

Chef Boyardee Spicy Ravioli

In a few days, Sean will be moving out of the Buddah castle and to permanently be with his new blushing bride, Anna. The two look perfect for each other, and while I will miss having Sean’s presence around the house I wish him and Anna all the best for their future. Sean has gone from roomie to cartoonist to guinea pig to lawn-mowing Albino Nipple Boy to more than a friend to me. He will sorely be missed around the house. With that said, I thought Sean and I could do one last video review and there is no better product review that we could do than this one. As you will soon see and hear for yourselves why Chef Boyardee Spicy and Extra Spicy Beef Ravioli is like ambrosia of the Gods to this man. So please give the best of luck to Sean as he leaves ILoveItSpicy for bigger and better things including playing music as DJ Bobo!

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Xero reviews Deano’s Jalapenos Bits- Cheddar Bacon

deano's jalapeno bits cheedar bacon flavor

Xero wanted to share his thoughts on the popular snack treat for spicy foodies around the world, Deano’s Jalapenos. If you have not heard of Deano’s Jalapenos by now, then you are missing something very special. A deep-fried jalapeno snack covered in either cheddar, ranch or sea salt, now has a new flavor for the masses – bacon cheddar. Last year, Deano’s launched their new Jalapeno Bits, which had a much better marketable than the mystery bag that he sells the full chips in. As you can see by the pic above, it comes in a clear shaker type of plastic container which allows you to pour them out or sprinkle them onto food or into a recipe. Customers can see what they are getting before they purchase it. The biggest benefit is that they are easier to get out and you no longer have to reach your hand into the bag and get messy trying to secure your remaining pieces. These bits make a great salad or soup topper. My favorite use so far is in a green bean casserole. Check out my recipe HERE if interested. Below the video is the website and contact information.

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Buddah reviews Texas Creek Products – Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce

Fluffy Bunny Hot Sauce

Ann Simmons of Texas Creek Products started a product at first as just as a gag to see if she could make a pink hot sauce with a fluffy bunny as the theme. Once she started, not only did she create a hot pink hot sauce and get the support of the chilehead brethren with some funds for the project, but she also made it so it would help Jim Campbell’s I sent Ann a little something something and ILoveItSpicy because a sponsor, and for my efforts she rewarded me with 2 bottles of Fluffy Bunny hot sauce and an extra gift of her Garlic Habanero hot sauce as well. Very kind of her. Thank you so much Ann. Please check out her awesome photos that she posted on TheHotPepper HERE

So I wanted to help support her efforts and to raise money for these bottles which by the way go up for auction on Ebay tomorrow at 1:09 am PST. Most of you east coasters will be passed. I usually wake up for work at 3am EST, but no work tomorrow, so not even yours truly will be awake for these. It’s an auction, so these auctions will go to the highest bidders. Anyway, about me helping…I asked Ann if I should do a quick review, and if I liked it I would be supportive and post my review video. If I did not, I would stay quiet and no one would be the wiser. Well, I am here posting my review which in itself is a good sign. Indeed it is. If you are a lover of garlic and heat, then I have a review for you. Before we get to the review, here is a little about the charity Ann is donating the proceeds to…

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The Spicy Minute: Pretzel Pete’s Sour Cream and Jalapeno Pretzel Nuggets

Pretzel Pete

Xero brings back the ILoveItSpicy minute with a spicy pretzel review. It is actually 4 seconds over, so it’s slightly more than the minute, but nevertheless, check it out!

Pretzel Pete’s Gourmet Pretzel Nuggets
1330 N. Broad Street
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-361-9500
Email: pr*********@sb***********.com
Facebook: CLICK ME

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REVIEW: Palmetto Pepper Potions – Larynx Lava & Molten Golden

Larynx LavaMolten Golden

I am combining the last 2 reviews with Palmetto Pepper Potions as they are both solo reviews. I have never been a fan of solo reviews for one reason, and that is if the reviewer doesn’t like the product then there is no other voice we can turn to other than the maker who is trying to defend their product. I trust my reviewers, I just like the support system the multiple review has built in. With that said, the last 2 reviews we did for Palmetto Pepper Potions had 2 reviewers attached to them. In the first review we had Dale Gilbert and Derrick Wood reviewing the Daily Red. Then in review #2 we turned to Jacob Robertson and Dale Gilbert for their Trenholm Venom. For these reviews we have Derrick Wood reviewing the Larynx Lava and Jacob Robertson with their Molten Golden.

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REVIEW: Demitri’s Rim Shots (Bacon!!!)

We have reviewed 2 of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings over the last 2 weeks, and because of some computer problems we are skipping the next seasoning and going with a review by Derrick Wood on Demitri’s Rim Shot & Bacon Rim Shot which are salt rimmers for drinks. I have never heard of a bacon version before these reviews. Fiber Joe and Dale Gilbert, the other 2 reviews have included their thoughts on the Rim Shots along with their other reviews, sampling them as they go. Derrick wanted to do a separate review, so this is what we have. The first video is the original one just called Demitri’s Rim Shot, and the 2nd- and I am sure the one most people will watch- is the Bacon Rim Shot. The last 2 Bloody Mary Seasoning reviews have been big hits, so you might want to check them out if you are a true Bloody Mary fan.

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Dale Gilbert Re-reviews Tropical Spices’ Calypso Sauce

When a company believes enough in it’s product it will go out of it’s way to prove itself. A few months back Tropical Spices, LLC did reviews with us. The one review that stuck in their craw was one by Dale Gilbert for their Calypso hot sauce. It got rave reviews from everyone that has ever tried it including our other 2 reviewers Zzombie and his son Big Daddy B as well as Bishop Brad. Their reviews netted a 4 1/2 and a 4 flaming heart review, respectively (CLICK HERE to see them).

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The Machine reviews Hellfire’s Evil Bastard Hot Sauce

We reviewed this hot sauce back on July 5th, but because of some computer issues Steve “The Machine” Smallwood had to postpone his review. I got this from him over a week later, but because of some scheduling of other reviews I decided to hold it off for the appropriate time. You would assume that this is that time, but you would be wrong.

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REVIEW: Mystic Rhoads Productions – Devil’s Blend Hot Sauce

Above these words are all the reviews we have done over the last 7 weeks for Mystic Rhoads Productions (MRP). I want to thank Adam Rhoads for allowing us to highlight his company’s products. Since his company was created to raise money for a very good cause, (see below), it makes it even more special to help him get the word out. Who knew so many diverse products could be made out of yellow yams? I hope we helped further the yellow yam’s value and MRP’s mission to help the world. I wish you guys much luck and I will be purchasing some goodies from you very soon. That spicy bean dip has my name all over it.

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