18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace

Drawing of the Thomas Family Winery

Hot Times Continue at 18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace The tantalizing smells of backyard barbecue and roasting chilies will once again fill the streets of downtown Madison, Indiana, as top grillers and lovers of hot peppers flock to the 18th Annual Indiana Hot Luck and Fiery Foods Marketplace on the second weekend of April. The popular event was given a huge growth spurt last year because the host, The Thomas Family Winery, was able to double the festival space with the addition of an outdoor garden area to the property. Grills and hot pepper demonstrations were anchored by the new event sponsor, Steinhardt Heating & Air Conditioning, and their Big Green Eggs. They will return this year with two Big Green Egg tents that will allow a wide variety of demonstrations featuring everything from appetizers and entrees to desserts. “It is a joy to start the outdoor cooking season on the Big Green Egg by being part of the Hot Luck event,” said Tony Steinhardt. “There’s something about grilling outdoors that makes you feel you have total control over the tastes of the food you’re serving to your family and friends. Hot Luck has a fantastic location that gives us the opportunity to discuss cooking methods, talk to the many vendors and the public, and enjoy all of the Fiery Foods. The unique setting works very well.” Thomas Family Winery Co-Owner Steve Thomas appreciates the growth of vendors and demonstration, and especially the addition of Steinhardt’s Big Green Egg tents. “I love to see the vendors expand out there and offer even more demonstrations.” said Thomas. “The area includes a fire ring big enough to accommodate cooking a huge pot of gumbo or other fiery dish. There are also areas suitable for visitors to bring their own hibachi grills.” It is easy to spot the festival because of the popular 12 foot tall inflatable Mr. Egghead. It is a perfect photo opportunity for families with children. One of the favorite aspects of the expanded vendor area is that it allows festival goers to see “Chile Master” in action and to ask questions with experienced “Eggheads” and other Chileheads who been cooking on the Big Green Egg or making their own hot specialty dishes for many years. The event starts with a “Hot Luck” pitch-in dinner on Friday night. Saturday has a variety of hot food demonstrations provided by Steinhardt and many other chile garden and cooking vendors. There is also an amateur salsa contest, with the top prize winner being given the “Sombrero Grande.” Chefs, hat pepper farmers and grill masters will cover all aspects of the “Fiery Foods” theme, showing ways to spice up the meals with hot peppers and a variety of sauces. Titles of the presentations are not yet available, but some of those making presentations are:

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