2012 Weekend of Fire – Feast of Fire Challenge

I have had some editing issues as of late, so this video was not edited at all, so it is what it is. The Feast of Fire match was supposedly the fiery battle of the Weekend of Fire event. I think it missed wide left, but the idea was solid. With some tweaking, I think this might be an event worth doing each and every year. As I stated in my show wrap-up last week, if you put someone like Johnny McLaughlin of Heartbreaking Dawns and/or Chad Lowcock of Race City Sauce Works as the creators of this 4 course hellish meal, then I think we will have the fiery challenge of the year. Their creativity and cooking acumen within our spicy community is right up there with the best. No one would be better than CaJohn, but the month plus of events is probably more than he would want to deal with. Imagine what 4 course meal they could cook up for the 10 brave volunteers. Perhaps we add someone else in the mix and let them each present 1 of the 4 courses.

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2012 Weekend of Fire: HBD’s Brownie Brawl Buster

Yes, the pic is one of Johnny’s evil brownies. Actually it is the final round’s brownie with ILoveItSpicing and topped off with the new ghost scorpion chile pepper. This was by far the hottest Brownie Brawl Buster we have ever done. You will see how many contestants are in the final round 3 at the end. All the others dropped by the wayside. Johnny describes the contest up in your face style at the beginning of the video, then decides to up the heat on round 2’s brownies with a little Cauterizer. At the end of the video I stay on the 2nd place guy as he looks like he is about to lose it on camera, so I do not get the winner, but the pics at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place guys are all there for you to see.

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2012 Weekend of Fire: Blogger’s Round Table

This is a long video as I chose to run it as 1 video instead of chopping it into multiple videos. Our Round Table was led by Scott Roberts of www.ScottRobertsweb.com, Joe & Linda Levinson of www.TheHotZoneOnline.com, and Marilyn Meagher of www.HotSauceDaily.com. We discuss many issues including the ever-increasing pepper eating challenge videos, the cooking with super hot chile videos, best new products at the Weekend of Fire this year, and a few other topics that bring out real emotion from our bloggers. Whether you agree or disagree with us we should cover a topic you might be passionate about. At least we hope you do. I also spare you from my ugly mug as I am mostly off camera for this video.

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Weekend of Fire 2012: Post Show Wrap-up

I wasn’t really in the mood to do another diary of the show because I know all the other bloggers at the booth were doing play by play of what was going on. So I decided to just tell you my experiences from the show, and tell you the highlights. As I have stated before, the Weekend of Fire Show was my very first fiery food event, so it holds something special in my heart. Saturday morning it was meet and greet all the vendors who were getting ready for the start of the show. Joe & Linda Levinson had the grand idea to get Johnny McLaughlin from Heartbreaking Dawns a birthday cake, and they found the perfect one, that of a giant burger. We split it, they got the card, and I also threw in a 70’s throwback candy bag I found in the ginormous candy area at the Jungle Jim’s Market. Unfortunately, when they gave it out to him I was preoccupied with organizing the after show dinner and lost out in the fun. I did make it up at the restaurant later when I got the waitress to give Johnny a special cupcake with a candle and sing “happy birthday” to him in front of all of us. We had something similar the night before at Terry’s Turf Club, but they didn’t have much to work with in the way of singing.

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Weekend of Fire 2012: Pre-Show Diary

Upon my arrival to the hotel after my 8 1/2 hour drive, I suddenly found myself back in the car. Destination was a late night dinner at Terry’s Turf Club in Cincinnati. This was a restaurant Guy Fieri showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and a place Johnny from HBD’s visited last year. So delighted by the gourmet burger he had, Johnny convinced a few of us to take the 45 minute journey to try it out. Flashy with neon lights and olde tyme signage the place had a certain allure that made you curious to eat there.

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2012 Weekend of Fire Information

The 6th Annual Weekend of Fire show was the very first fiery food event I ever attended as a blogger. I did a little on the spot reporting from the show to TastetheFear.com (TTF) via my phone. Back in 2007 it wasn’t as easy as it is today with the latest smartphones, and took me a couple of tries before the messages were sent in full. It was this little show reporting that got me a gig as a writer and reviewer for TTF. Through that opportunity and many more meetings and greetings at various shows I some how ended up here with my little blog. The last 6 years has been so much fun, and I look at the Weekend of Fire very warmingly as the place where it all began. I have attended every show, and although because of choice it might be my last, I feel the Weekend of Fire has brought our community closer with the Blogger’s Booth, a creation by show creator, Bret Vitek.

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