Q-ing With Your Average Joe

by Fiber Joe Madrid

Fiber Joe's Lincoln Hat

Hello all you happy people…

Here is a question I get asked a lot, Hey man how can I get a rack of ribs to taste like they’re smoked
without owning a smoker…
Well the first thing I usually say is buy a damn smoker.
I have found a few different ways on how to get that awesome smoked flavor and that’s what we are going to talk about this month, Welcome to Q-ing with your average Joe.

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25th annual Fiery Food Show – Fiber Joe interviews Fri-B-Que


Fiber Joe just loves Fri-B-Que so much he had to stop by and see his good friend Mike Frison. They talk about their newest product, a ghost pepper hot sauce. They also bring up the All Purpose Seasoning as well. If you missed it last year, Joe was such a loyal fan and customer of Fri-B-Que, Mike asked Joe to do a small spot in his commercial they ran in local Albuquerque, NM. If you wish to see how good of an actor Joe is, check out the video below the show video. For purchase information, please see the contact information below the videos. Try it out and see why Fiber Joe loves their products so much.

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REVIEW: Patter Fam Sauces – Pawpaw Chipotle

pawpaw label

Out of the blue comes a package from Pastor Sam Peters and his lovely wife Joyce with 2 bottles of the above sauce. I all ready had me a bottle, so I was curious what I did to deserve such a friendly gesture. Well they were requesting I do a review for them. Well, I am not too fond of 1 person reviews, so I dispatched a bottle to my Leesburg, VA neighbors, the Schobergs. I figure what a better way to turn a 1 person review into 3, right? I was all ready playing with my open bottle so I was well on my way. I was loving dunking chicken with it, but now that it was a review I had to play with it more. With the extra bottle I would have some fun.

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