17th Annual Bowers Chile Festival: Recap

I didn’t get off to the best of starts having stayed up to 3:30am and waking up at 5:30am to get prepped for my drive from VA to PA. I should have made my salsa the day before, but I had my plate full and just thought it would be better if I did it in the morning. I just didn’t think I would be up to 3:30am working on other things. I didn’t feel weary the whole day as I was on my feet. Having made my salsa fresh, it might have been the reason why I got 2nd place out of 23 salsa entries at the show. I wouldn’t have done it any different. That moment which I will discuss below was a huge highlight for me.

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Bowers or Bust: 17th Annual Chile Festival

I have told fiery product makers over the years that this is the event to attend. It is low cost, brings in huge crowds and most important people come to buy. Not every show, festival or event can claim to be a money maker, but the Chile Festival at Bowers can. Is it that the people behind the event know how to market it? Perhaps. I think it is a word of mouth show that has grown way past expectation for a small town venue.

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