North Market Fiery Food Show- Part 4- CaJohn’s Wing Eating Contest

Because of the length of the wing contest and how little charge I left in my camcorder, I could not finish filming the entire event. In fact I missed out on just the final round. I will announce the winner at the end of the video.

I previously mentioned that there was controversy with the winner, so let me address that here. I noticed that there was meat left on both the 1st and 2nd place winners wings, whilst the 3rd place finisher Donte, last year’s wing Champ, had his wings cleaned to the bone. It is all semantics in how clean the bones have to be, so the winners stayed as they were. You can see the technique and cleanliness of Donte’s wing eating. It was like watching an artist perform live. Unfortunately, the Chicken Wing Gods did not see it as I did.

Overall, CaJohn put on a fun event, and the crowd was totally into it. I had a ball walking around and seeing the faces instead of being one of those faces. I hope the video serves it’s purpose despite the finish. If you have a weak stomach, there is some visuals on the video midway that might leave you queasy, so be forewarned. Enjoy!

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