Gunther’s Gourmet Gala Blogger Review – Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce

Buffalo Tom's Gourmet Hot Sauce

Whilst at Gunther’s Gourmet Gala we did a multiple blog review with Marilyn & Brian Meagher of HotSauceDaily & HotSauceWeekly, John Scrovak from, Alex Goldberg & Buddah from ILIS, as well special guest Clement Bourg of Cajun Heat & Host Michael Lampros from Gunther’s Gourmet. We reviewed this sauce together with freshly fried chicken wings. We did a 3 person review of this product last month which you can see HERE if you want to see what else they tried this gourmet sauce with.

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Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge 2013- Round 2 Contestant Videos

Round 2 Contestant Videos

This Round is sponsored by Cajun Heat
Cajun Heat

Round 2 is being sponsored by our 2011 Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Champion, Clement Bourg of Cajun Heat. He will be a guest judge and give a $50 gift card to the winner of this round. Winner of 2012 Golden Chile Award for Best New Product at Zestfest, Best BBQ Sauce of 2012 from and winner of ILIS’ Lenny Award for Best Product of the Year for 2012, Cajun Heat’s C’est Bon Cajun-Q is a product you need to experience. It is special when the bloggers and the industry both agree on what the best products are, and we got it right this time. Check out this BBQ sauce and more award winning Cajun-style products by clicking on the Cajun Heat picture above. I would also like to give a big thank you for the surprise video studio in a box that Clement bestowed upon me Saturday afternoon. I imagine once I open it up, my video production value will immensely improve. Too bad I can’t get a more charismatic persona to take my place. 😀 Thank you much Clement for being more than a friend to yours truly.

Round 2 Challenge:

Refining Fire Chiles sent all the contestants a couple of dried Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion Chile Peppers. They had to use these super hot chile peppers in a pasta dish of some kind and add something green for St Patrick’s Day. They did not have to make the dish green, they just had to use something whether it was an herb, vegetable or some moldy cheese. They all had 6 minutes in which to make their video, accept for Sam who by winning round 1 gets to have an additional 2 minutes added to his video if he so chooses. Thanks to Jim Duffy for sending the chiles to our contestants. I hope they can handle the heat.

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