REVIEW: Lord Nut Levington – Cinnapplooza peanuts

This is our 5th spicy peanut review for Lord Nut Levington. Well I am not sure this one exactly qualifies as spicy, unless you think the addition of cinnamon is considered spicy. A mix of Apples, Vanilla and Cinnamon makes this one more of a dessert-style of peanut. Lord Nut Levington’s 6 styles are all heavy on the seasonings, and this one is no different. I just got my order of all 6 flavors and it was the first one I opened, since I love cinnamon so much. While I would like to see less vanilla and more cinnamon, I went through the jar like it was going out of style. Will our review team like them as much or will the lack of any heat be this nut’s undoing? Do take a look at the last 4 reviews, and you too might be swayed to purchase them as well. Anyone say FREE Shipping?

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