2014 North Market Fiery Food Festival

Poster Fiery Foods WITH background

My favorite spicy food festival is back and ready to delight all those that attend. Why is this event my favorite? It is not to knock all the other great shows out there for which there are quite a few, but there is something very intimate about this festival that the bigger shows can not possibly achieve. It all kicks off Friday the 14th at the CaJohn Flavor & Fire warehouse where John and Sue Hard have their annual Open House event. Food is spicily prepared by Chef Steve Lawrence for those that want to grab a bite, and you have the full arsenal of CaJohn’s condiments at your disposal to add a kick or enhance your food. Not that Chef Steve’s food ever needs any form of doctoring.

The Open House allows for the spicy product makers vending at the festival and the chileheads going to sample, to mingle with each other in this relaxed setting. “The Wall” in the warehouse is like leaving your footprint behind for others to see on future visits. People scrawl their signatures and companies’ names and logos, and sometimes messages of their presence in this dedication to the chilehead community. If you come to the Open House, you MUST grab a marker and add your name to the lengthy list of fiery food fans from days gone by. It is all part of the tour you get from the CaJohn factory guide who will answer all your questions except for the secrets of the trade that have won them more product individual awards than any company in the fiery food business.

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Preview of Zestfest Midwest 2013


Anyone who appreciates the zesty things in life is invited to indulge in a flavorful food experience June 28-30, 2013 as ZestFest Midwest brings together spicy exhibitors and tasty products from around the country for one exciting weekend in Columbus, OH. Featuring hot sauces, barbeque sauces, salsas, spices, condiments, snacks, sweets — specialty foods and beverages of all types to tantalize your taste buds.

ZestFest is the ultimate party for food enthusiasts. Produced by Spicy Food Productions, ZestFest Midwest will be action-packed! Cooking demos by celebrity chefs, live music, interactive contests and delicious foods and beverages to sample and purchase will make June 28-30, 2013 the zestiest weekend of the year!


Friday, June 28, 2013 1:00-9:00
Saturday, June 29, 2013 10:00-6:00
Sunday, June 30, 2013 10:00-5:00



Ohio Expo Center
717 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211

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I am so happy to announce not only about the newest big event for our community, but newest sponsor for Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge 3rd Season. Thanks to Greg Bagarozy, Zestfest Midwest will be pledging a free booth to the next winner of our challenge and some spotlight exposure on the event stage. More details to be announced soon, but today we embrace our newest partners big announcement. Lo and Behold…










Spicy Food Productions Announces a Brand New Show!


(Columbus, OH) – Mark your calendars for June 28-30, 2013, and don’t miss the very first “ZESTFEST MIDWEST” at the Ohio Expo Center.

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Nick Ney of Cajun Island shares some AWESOME Cajun recipes

The day after the Weekend of Fire show some of us traveled up to Columbus, Ohio to visit Nick Ney’s Cajun Island restaurant and food court. He treated us to some amazing food, including my favorite from last year his Blackened Chicken and Bowtie Pasta. Along with serving he also allowed me to film the recipe for that dish and his Dirty Rice recipe. The best dirty rice I have ever had. A huge thank you to Nick for the wonderful food and hospitality. If there is another one of these in the future, you would be out of your mind to miss it if you could attend. I still am thinking about the amazing Gator Gumbo as well!

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North Market Grillmasters Festival

North Market Grillmasters FestivalMuch like the Peppers at the Beach show, I will be sending in pics to someone to post on the thread here, as well as reporting the comings and goings of this little Festival in Columbus, Ohio. There is a nice handful of hot sauce, salsa and bbq sauce vendors. A lot of them are the same from the North Market hot sauce show from February that we debuted the website with. Nevertheless, seeing friends again is the reason I am taking the 6+ hour drive on a much traveled weekend. Thanks goes out to Joe and Linda Levinson of www.thehotzoneonline.com who are letting me stay once again under their roof for the weekend, and to CaJohn for letting them know about my financial dilemma. Thanks guys!

I look forward to sharing the event with everyone who can’t be there…

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