Pickles and Chileheads…What community means to me


Crazy Steve Zielinski

“Your love one has cancer…” Those are the last words you want to hear.

Six years ago I grew too many cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapenos in my garden.

The beginning of condiments on a mission

What do you do when your garden blesses you with an abundance of cucumbers? Friends, family, and co-workers can only eat so many.
We brought 3 bags to the food pantry, which was very grateful. But then there is next weeks harvest. Maybe I went a little overboard when I put in 12 packs of cucumber seeds. OK, not that many, but it was a lot, and these were the pickling variety. These are the green and white skin knobby cukes that have a great crunch.

That was the birth of Crazy Steve’s. I wasn’t planning on creating this brand, but over the next few months, the wheels started to spin (which usually gets me in trouble). All I knew that day was I was going to start making pickles and salsa.

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A Call for Help from one of our friends

Steve Zielinski also known as Crazy Steve from Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsa is a dear friend of ours here at ILoveItSpicy. It saddens me to hear the trouble his wife Cathy is presently going through for Breast Cancer. People often do not think about such things until it hits their lives, and when it does, it will chop you down at the knees. I know because my Dad died of Cancer and my Mom is presently going through treatment for Lymphoma. It can be such an emotional drain as you can imagine, but with only partial help from insurance it can also be a financial drain as well. Steve has made a video asking for help and a donation page to help them out. It is a very emotional plea, and I urge you to watch it, and give whatever you can, even a $1 goes a long way. This is my way of helping support a friend and his lovely wife who really needs help, so I hope you will really take it upon yourself to do something even if it is a little bit.

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Peppers at the Beach REVIEW- Crazy Steve’s Salsa and Pickle Review

We team up several blog reviewers to do these video reviews. We have Passow from www.thehotzoneonline.com, www.PeppersandMore.com’s Doug and his son Tom, ILIS reviewer Firehead Thomas and a little feedback from yours truly. First up is the insane version of Crazy Steve’s Mango Raspberry salsa, then we review his Let the Insane Sunshine pickles.

Update – Coincidentally, Scott Roberts posted a review of four of Crazy Steve’s products on his blog later today…

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