Q-ing With Your Average Joe – Dec. ’15

Fiber Joe

Hello all you happy people….

Happy December everyone, hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving filled with lots of food and most importantly lots of family and friends. This month I would like to share a little different style of backyard cooking with ya. I’m pretty sure most of you do not have one of these, but hopefully by the time you’re done reading this you’ll want one as much as I did.

We are going to cook on the DISC-IT

Disc it logo

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The Wonderful Product that is the Disc-It

disc it

Disc it logo
After nearly a decade in production in the world of outdoor grills, the DISC-IT grill is quickly becoming THE grill of choice for families, chefs and caterers. With thousands of units across the USA, Canada and even around the world, The DISC-IT grill is a favorite for cooking any type of food.

Built from heavy 3/16” PLATE Steel, the DISC-IT is a fully customized product where customers choose from hundreds of available designs or request a design specific to their dreams. The handles of the cooking disc and also customizable to include a name or a logo and the base plate of the DISC-IT is also customizable to include names, logos, brands or what ever you can dream up!

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6th Annual Disc-it Roundup



Hey ILoveItSpicy….

Just wanted to let everyone know that this Saturday out here in Albuquerque there is an event called the Disc-It Roundup. It’s an event to help raise money for the UNM Children’s hospital. It takes place from 12-5 at Isleta Casino. If you happen to live in town or know someone that does come on out and try out a bunch of different food all cooked in Disc-Its. Oh and also I will have a small team out there cooking as well to help make more food for this event. I’m also going to be filming the whole day, so those of you who are unable to make it can see what it was all about once I post it.

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