REVIEW: Doc MB Family – Jamacian Jerk Sauce & Hot Sauce

MB Family Foods, LLC is an American company based in Florida…

The founder Doug “Doc” Bruce grew up in upstate NY. As a child he worked along side his mother and grandmother in the garden, developing a deep respect for the earth and the bounty it yields.

Doc had the pleasure of living in Negril, Jamaica for a short time where he embraced the colors, sounds and flavors of the island. Anyone who knows Doc, knows a few basic facts about him: He enjoys playing music, cooking, and his life long quest has been to find the tastiest hot peppers available.Now, Doc and his wife Patti have combined his food and pepper passion with her organizational and design talents to form “MB Family Foods, LLC.” After years of preparing and testing many recipes for jerk sauce and hot sauce, they have developed two recipes, second to none.

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