Fire Dawgs review Sanchez Specialties’ Sweet Salsas

Sanchez Specialties' Sweet Salsa

A few days away from the Houston Hot Sauce Festival where yours truly will be sampling over 70 salsas from different companies across the US. One of those salsa companies contributing to our salsa contest to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation is Sanchez Specialties. We are very grateful for their participation. We are also fortunate to have our Fire Dawgs do a review of their Medium and Hot styles of Sweet Salsa. In this Fire Dawg review we have our fierceless salsa leader Chief Miguel along with Taylor and Mark.

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Fire Dawgs review Angels’ Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa

Angels' Fire Black Bean Chili Salsa - Jolokia

We do not have your average salsa company here. Most companies ascend to their black bean salsa recipe, and not start with it. We have some proud people at Angels’ Fire Salsa that believe in their black bean chili recipe. So much that they have 4 products and they are all black bean style with different heat levels. They sent us their salsa for our Fire Dawgs to review when they heard about our salsa contest at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival this upcoming weekend. They will of course be entering into the new black bean/black bean & corn category, and I will be one of the judges. Until that time, I will leave the critique to our salsa experts, from the Ashburn Fire & Rescue Station, Chief Miguel, Mark & Taylor. As taken from the Angels’ Fire Salsa website, let us learn a little about their company…

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Fire Dawgs review Bad Mother Salsa – Medium

bad mama salsa

Chief Miguel Quijano once again leads the way for the Fire Dawgs along with Firefighter Andrew Warren and Probationary Officer(Probbie) Quist. This time they are reviewing a salsa from Dayton, Ohio. This is their medium heat style, which happens to be at this moment the only heat level they make. Although they do make a spicy BBQ sauce too. Before we get to the salsa review, let’s here a wee bit about the people behind this tomatoey concoction.

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Fire Dawgs review Deception Salsa – I Dare You Wickedly Hot Salsa

I Dare You Wickedly Hot Salsa

This is our 2nd and last review for Deception Salsa out of crofton, Maryland. The first review the Fire Dawgs reviewed their Entice Corn & Bean salsa which was sweet and mild. In this review we go straight into the fire. It is a far leap from the 1st review. I was a little concerned about the ghost pepper heat level for these my firemen friends, so I brought along the Insanity level salsa, which sounds more intimidating, but is actually a step down in heat from the I Dare You one. I brought this along, so if they couldn’t handle the heat, then this one would be similar in flavor enough to get an idea of what it would taste like. The Insanity Salsa was my purchase from the DC Food & Entertaining Show when I first met the boys of Deception Salsa. You will see just how spicy these salsas are, and also see why Deception Salsa received my Lenny Award for best salsa of the year. This stuff rocks! If you have not had it yet, then you best get over to their website and get you some.

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Fire Dawgs review Deception Salsa – Entice Corn & Bean Salsa

Entice Corn & Bean Salsa

I met Deception Salsa at the Dc Metropolitan Food & Entertaining Show this past November. I was very impressed with not just the taste of their salsa line, but also the whole look of their brand. From the names (Girly Girl (mild), Entice, Tease, Insanity & I Dare You) to the labeling and design. The cherry pepper in the ingredients is a star that I have never experienced before or at least to this level of awareness. The flavor is different, but not in a bad way. Whilst there is some sweetness in their milder salsas, the hotter versions all shine to this reviewer and the blend is such an enjoyable burn I am shocked no one has thought of it before now. This is the reason I gave Deception Salsa a Lenny Award for best Salsa Product line of the year. We have 2 of their salsas for review. This Entice one which is a very sweet mild corn and bean salsa and their hottest I Dare You Wickedly Hot Sauce which we will post a week from now.

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Fire Dawgs review Pineapple Smash Salsa – Mild, Medium & Hot

While working on the Houston Hot Sauce Festival Salsa Contest, I was searching through Facebook for salsa companies I had never heard of to tell them about it. Being a huge fan of pineapple, I instantly was attracted to the name “Pineapple Smash Salsa” upon my discovery. Before even reaching out to them about the contest, I decided to just order the salsa first. I had to have me some of their hot version. Boy was I not disappointed. In fact, I thought it was the best pineapple salsa I have ever had. Not to mention the salsa is not only thick and flavorful, at the end of the jar there is no juice or watery remains. Not sure how they keep the salsa so juicy and not have liquid floating at the bottom with pineapple as one of the main ingredients. This salsa is tomato-y and pineapple-y at the same time, but in no way overly sweet. I never got them in the salsa contest, but I think they really had a shot with no disrespect to the winners. Well, I had to reach out to them for a review at the very least with our Fire Dawgs. They agreed immediately and sent us their 3 different levels of heat- mild, medium & hot. Would this pineapple salsa be all hype on my part and no smash? One way to find out folks.

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Fire Dawgs review Xerarch’s Nice ‘n Hot Salsa

Our very own Xero gave us some salsa to feed to our Fire Dawg fire fighter review team. Our usual team of Chief Miguel, Hector and Danny looks like it might be a while before we can get them all in the same room again, so Miguel brought in some volunteers or in this case possible victims. Our newbie George, who we brought in the past can’t really handle too much heat, and that is what makes his review a tad on the comical side because this salsa is way too hot for him. Our other newbie is Taylor or as he is referred to at the Fire Station, “Probby”, which is short for probationary as he is in that stage of his fire & rescue career. He can handle a little more heat than George can, but he also recognizes the heat in this salsa might be a little much for him. Lucky for us in steps Kevin Pyatt, lover of spicy things to add his review to our panel of Fire Dawgs.

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