REVIEWS: Chub Rub – Blistered Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper Seasoning

Chub Rub Ghost Pepper
Chub Rub was conceived in early 2010. After spending countless years grilling with off the shelf dry rubs, two grilling aficionados decided one night, that they would create their own version of a perfect blend of spices to produce the taste that they had been looking for. After many months of researching how different spices react with each other, and with their taste buds, Nick and Danny narrowed their spice selections to one prestigious list. After acquiring these certain spices and blending them together, Chub Rub was born.

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REVIEW: Scotty O’Hotty – The Ghost Sauce

The Ghost Sauce

Many good things came from the Zestfest Midwest Show despite the lack of attendance. You can’t take away all the great vendors that were there, and one newbie to our chilehead community is one Scotty O’Hotty. I must note that he had 2 sauces for us to try, and the habanero blend won people’s choice award for overall best hot sauce at the show beating out a lot of quality sauces. Not bad for a newbie. For those that love the taste of peppers will love their 2 hot sauces we are reviewing. We will be reviewing the habanero one next. They also sell a milder version as well.

Scotty O’Hotty is Scott Owens, pictured below with his lovely wife Suzi. Today is Scott’s birthday, so I want to wish him a very very happy birthday with our first review. I think he will like our reviewer team’s take on his ghost pepper hot sauce. I love that he called it just “The Ghost Sauce”. Perhaps it is marketing genius, not mentioning that it is a hot sauce, and perhaps lovers of spooky things and haunted houses might buy them some. One never knows! You can read a little more about Scotty O’Hotty below the picture, then our review team does that thing. Our squad of hot sauce lovers for this review is Steve Smith of, Dale Gilbert and the man only known as “G”.

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REVIEW: The Jerky Connection – The Reaper Beef Jerky

The Reaper

Fear the reaper has a new meaning, and it involves beef jerky. So far in the 4 previous beef jerky reviews for The Jerky Connection, we have had a common theme with our team in their feedback, and that this beef jerky has awesome texture. There are a lot of jerky out that that are too chewy or disintegrates like cotton candy when it meets saliva. It is hard to get the right balance of chewiness along with flavor. Of course, we also want it spicy. The Jerky Connection looks to be delivering all 3 with The Reaper. Using the Carolina Reaper’s heat, they also have other chile peppers featuring Chipotle, Cayenne, Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, and 7 Pot peppers added in generous proportions. That is a lot of heat coming for you, so indeed fear this jerky. Will our review team be up for the task? You can also find out for yourselves if you are headed to the Houston Hot Sauce Festival. They will be in attendance this year at the show. So look for them and tell them you saw their reviews here on ILIS.

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REVIEW: Sweet Heat Gourmet – Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

We are here to build on the first review of Sweet Heat Gourmet’s Sinclair’s Fatalii which garnered pretty solid ratings from our review team. You can check it our HERE if interested. If anyone knows my hot sauce tendencies it is towards pineapple spicy things. I love pineapple, and when you can create something spicy with it, it is a home run for me. Of course it has to taste good too. Pineapple hot sauce is very hard because the flavor of the pineapple changes quite a bit when you cook it in the bottling process. Since Sweet Heat Gourmet will be at the Bowers Chile Festival in September, a show I will be attending once again, I am hoping that their hot sauce will be something to look forward to. Let us see what our astute reviewing panel thinks of it. Our team for these reviews are Dale Gilbert, Don Lava, and Revtommy2tone & his partner in spicy crime, Rick Averyt.

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REVIEW: Hellfire Hot Sauce – Devil’s Gold

Devil's Gold label

Hellfire’s Devil’s Gold won a 1st place Screaming Mi Mi Award at the 1st ever NYC Hot Sauce Expo for the Fruit Based Hot Sauce category. Not a bad way to start off with a limited edition hot sauce. For those that have not followed us last year, we have year end awards called the Lenny Awards. Hellfire Hot Sauce won for best product line for their reviews for 4 of their products – Evil Bastard, Devil’s Blend, Pure Hell and their Blueberry Hell. So I imagine they are looking to recreate the magic with 4 more hot sauces. This is the first, and we will post the other 3 hot sauces over the next 3 weeks. For these reviews we have Steve “The Machine” Smallwood out of Ohio, Ryan Graub from Missouri, and Steve Chambers from Maryland.

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REVIEW: Big Red’s God Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce

This is our 3rd and last review for Big Red’s Hot Sauces. This Arizona hot sauce company uses the habanero flavor as their main ingredient in all their sauces, and in this ghost pepper version it still is prominent, but the ghost pepper is used to raise the heat level. The reviews for the first 2 sauces have been for the most part pretty decent save for one review. This sauce gets the best average with our review team. Please check out the other reviews and see what they have to offer.

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REVIEW: Crushed Naga Jolokia Pepper Sauce

Every now and then we come across some extremely hot sauces made with some of the hottest peppers in the world. This one is made with the ghost pepper, the naga jolokia. We have 2 more from the benefactor, Insain Hot Sauce, and those are even scarier than this one. We will do their Moruga Scorpion one next and finish that off with their hottest one called Insainasylum Sauce, an aged habanero sauce with a 2 million chile extract. Our poor, poor reviews do not know what they volunteered for. As of now, I know they have answered their email, so I guessed they all survived. For these reviews we have Dale Gilbert and the married couple of Mike & Jen.

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