Gunther’s Gourmet Gala Blogger Review – Buffalo Tom’s Gourmet Hot Sauce

Buffalo Tom's Gourmet Hot Sauce

Whilst at Gunther’s Gourmet Gala we did a multiple blog review with Marilyn & Brian Meagher of HotSauceDaily & HotSauceWeekly, John Scrovak from, Alex Goldberg & Buddah from ILIS, as well special guest Clement Bourg of Cajun Heat & Host Michael Lampros from Gunther’s Gourmet. We reviewed this sauce together with freshly fried chicken wings. We did a 3 person review of this product last month which you can see HERE if you want to see what else they tried this gourmet sauce with.

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4th Annual Gunther’s Gourmet Gala

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This is the 4th year of this very special event. It started out as an idea for Michael Lampros of Gunther’s Gourmet to give back a little for his good fortune, but now the Gala has turned into an event where everyone who attends helps each other. Vendors alert their contacts, buyers, wholesalers in the hopes they will come to check out the competition. Yes, the competition. Actually there is no competition in a sense at Gunther’s Gourmet Gala. Everyone relies on each other for their success. How many shows work like this? Plus the vendors are only charged $35, and that is to cover the food and drink costs. Michael cooks up to 80 lbs of wings and cheese sticks, and even has the blender going to serve up icy cold beverages. This year he got some local brewmasters to donate some of their creations in hopes to also get someone to take them in. Not a bad way to get free beer donations, eh?

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REVIEW: Gunther’s Gourmet Spicy Black Bean Dip with lime

I was honored to get a couple of jars of Michael Lampros’ newest creation in return for some feedback. I pulled in Sean, the official cartoonist of ILoveItSpicy, and we got in front of the camera to tell it like it is. Michael has won numerous awards over the years for his gourmet salsa and salad dressings, including runner-up in our recent salsa contest for his fruit salsa, Spicy Ginger Pineapple. He wanted our honest opinions for this spicy black bean dip, and we aim to tell it like it is. So without further adieu…

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2012 Houston Hot Sauce Festival Salsa Winners

We sponsored a salsa contest with 58 salsas submitted to us to raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation, a charity that supports and does research for Children’s Cancer. At the Houston Hot Sauce Festival we judged and then announced the winner at the dinner after the 1st day of the festival. Check out the winners as I announce them. Congrats again to all the winners and a big thank you to all the companies that sent in their product to help us help raise money for the Snowdrop Foundation.

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