REVIEW: The Jerky Connection – Hillbilly Hangover Beef Jerky


We are moving onto our 3rd review out of 5 for The Jerky Connection. The first 2 got outstanding reviews, so I am counting on some more excellent reviews for this award winning beef jerky company. We keep hearing about how good the texture is with their beef jerky from all the reviewers. Once you can obtain that perfect jerky bite, then you just have to win over with the flavor, but half the battle is all ready won. To go back and watch the other 2 beef jerky products, please check out them below…

1- Teriyaki Habanero Beef Jerky
2- Insanity

Our viewers can use the coupon code LOVESPICE to get 20% off their first order. No expiration for residual sales. If you can not decide, please check out all the sampler combinations HERE including the Carnivore Candy Sampler, The 7 Gates of Hell Sampler and the Holy Crap! Sampler. Thanks Tony, for giving our loyal supporters something for trying your jerky out.

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