Introducing a New Hot Sauce Company: Ken’s Pepper Works Artisan Hot Sauces

Hey I Love It Spicy we would like to introduce a new hot sauce company called Ken’s Pepper Works Artisan Hot Sauces.
Here is a link to the website of his kickstarter.
Go on check out the video, read up on his products, and even make a pledge if you would like to help him get started.

Gourmet hot sauces are now ready for the masses. Complex and Unique. Taste first…ask questions later!


I love hot sauce. I love to make it. I love to eat it. And sometimes I love to drink it. I like it so much I started my own company. I have created three unique, artisan hot sauces with complex flavor profiles. I believe in flavor first, not vinegar. All three sauces are gluten free and do not contain preservatives. They are medium to medium hot. Your mouth will not be in pain but will know it just received a fine how-do-you-do.

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