Mike Hultquist: My Love of Superhots

Mike Hultquist - book cover

Superhot chili peppers are a gift and I intend to spread the word.

I’ve been cooking with superhot chili peppers for quite some time now, though I don’t remember them always being called “superhots”. The name just sort of appeared along with the rise of peppers that crossed the 1 Million SHU line. It was inevitable, really. You need a moniker for something so astonishing, something I consider flat out awesome.

My love for chili peppers began like most others, being introduced to them as a child via the popular jalapeno pepper. That was my gateway pepper. The hottest pepper I had tried before that was the pepperoncini, and even that brought on the spice for me. With the jalapeno, I remember thinking, “Yes! Talk about heat! Flavor!” I was hooked from then on.

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