REVIEW: Hellfire Hot Sauce – Devil’s Gold

Devil's Gold label

Hellfire’s Devil’s Gold won a 1st place Screaming Mi Mi Award at the 1st ever NYC Hot Sauce Expo for the Fruit Based Hot Sauce category. Not a bad way to start off with a limited edition hot sauce. For those that have not followed us last year, we have year end awards called the Lenny Awards. Hellfire Hot Sauce won for best product line for their reviews for 4 of their products – Evil Bastard, Devil’s Blend, Pure Hell and their Blueberry Hell. So I imagine they are looking to recreate the magic with 4 more hot sauces. This is the first, and we will post the other 3 hot sauces over the next 3 weeks. For these reviews we have Steve “The Machine” Smallwood out of Ohio, Ryan Graub from Missouri, and Steve Chambers from Maryland.

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Moruga is not just a very hot pepper, its a place

For those who do not know it, the district of Moruga is a sovereign state which lies on the central south coast of Trinidad at the western end of the Trinity Hills. The village is close to Trinidad’s oil reserves, and that and fishing are the area’s main economies. The people are also proud to be in the recent news this past year with some of the huge record breaking hottest chile pepper announcements.

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San Diego Chile Grower Grows World Record Hot Chiles

Trinidad Scorpion Chile Peppers

Jim Duffy, a grower of the rarest and hottest chiles and owner of Refining Fire Chiles, grew the hottest chiles on record in 2010.

Scott: So why no official record with the Trinidad Scorpion?

Jim: It’s a long story and time to tell it. After sending one of my Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to Dave DeWitt in New Mexico in 2009, the journey began. Dave DeWitt is called “Pope of Peppers” and is the author of many chile pepper books. Dave gave the pepper to his long time friend Marlin Bensinger, a chemical engineer and one of the foremost experts on capsaicin science. Marlin tested it and it came in higher than the Bhut Jolokia.

So in 2010 I grew some Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad 7 Pot plants for Marlin to put into the fields in New Mexico.

Marlin drove out to Lakeside, California just east of San Diego to meet me and see my new chile garden project…

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