Remembering My Dad with my favorite review

happy fathers day

I did this “Mysterious Meat Thing” review with my Dad and a little bit with my Mom, in a time during my Dad’s fight with Cancer where he was feeling better. It ended up being a very funny videp and something I can look back at and smile remembering my Dad. Later that year he passed away when the Cancer spread and ultimately won the fight. On Father’s Day, I want those people out there to embrace their Dad not only today because it’s their day, but to treat him as if everyday was his last with you. Even if it is just an everyday appreciated word of love and/or caring gesture. We all have our fights, arguments, as I did with my Dad, but in the end I know he loved me and did his best to guide me to do the right things in life. I honor him today as I look back at this video and share this memory with all my friends out there.

Happy Father’s Day. Love ya Pops!

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