Chilehead Monthly – October ’15

October 2015

September was quite a month for this Chilehead. Coming off of August with my vacation ride to Chicago for the Great Chicago Fiery Food Festival, I traveled even more in September. Starting with the Bowers Chile Festival in eastern PA on Friday the 11th, and then the next day I took off to Sussex County, New Jersey for the NJ Taco Festival for back to back outdoor events. The following Saturday I got back in the car and went to the Jersey Shore for PicklePalooza, and the following Thursday I ventured off to Indiana for Open Fields. That was 1200 miles just by itself. A journey that was well worth the gasoline.

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Habanero Montreal

Martin Lamoureux


Northern Fire

Bonjour Chileheads,

In the upcoming months I will tell you about my Canadian passion for hot peppers, but first, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Martin Lamoureux and I live in a small town in the suburbs of Montreal. I became interested in chilli peppers in my teenage years at a time when fresh peppers were rare here in Canada. As the years progressed, I discovered some excellent spicy products, especially hot sauce. That world fascinated me, and a couple years later I found a guy who had published a review about a hot sauce and it really captivated me. This reviewer many of you know; he is Mr. Bill Moore. After watching several videos of Bill, I said to myself that here in Quebec we have no one that does this type of thing for the Canadian Chilehead. I decided to take it upon myself to create such a reviewer and I began to offer my own review with sauces from here. The problem for me was that most stores only carried the likes of Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot, and I wanted the same sauces that Bill Moore was reviewing.

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Adventures of the Accidental Chilehead

The Sauce Goddess

sauce goddess

Adventures for the trail

My nephew Parker is hiking the Appalachian Trail right now. If you’ve been to the Fiery Food and BBQ Show then you might have met him, slinging sauce and having a great time. He’s not into super hot food, but loves a bit of heat. He has been a guinea pig taste tester for my chilehead adventures on many more than one occasion. Given a little time in the fiery world, who knows, he could be another Accidental Chilehead like me.

The reason I mention Parker is that he posted to his friends on Facebook that he needed food, words of encouragement and so on. Packages can be sent and held for him at the Post Office (thank you USPS for your services). A request for trail food is not something I can pass up. So I decided to make him some treats-Sauce Goddess style.

Jerky 2 ways

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Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews – October ’15



Hello my fellow chileheads! This month I’d like to introduce a company I discovered back in March of this year. I was extremely impressed with the delicious flavor of their products. The Angry Goat Pepper Co. is located in Bradford, VT and makes premium, small batch hot sauces and pepper jams. Jason and Roberta Parker are the exclusive makers of eight different hot sauces and about 14 different flavors of pepper jams.

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