2013 Houston Hot Sauce Festival: Fiber Joe interviews Ed Currie from Pucker Butt


Ed Currie the Mad Scientist himself. I watched this man and his group of misfits blow the heads off of a number of people with his “Carolina Reaper Pepper”. Some threw up, some couldn’t breath, some needed medical attention. The passion that this man has for growing peppers and making sauce is incredible. Just about everyone in this industry knows who Ed Currie is. The man caries around a container of peppers everywhere he goes, and he eats the damn things like they’re candy. I got a chance to hang out with him not only at the show but a few times outside of the show. When you talk to this man about what he does he gets this little evil look in his eyes and rubs his hands together like a mad scientist. It’s a little creepy but at the same time really cool. This the first time I’ve actually had a chance to try the line of sauces that Ed has created. In the video we start from not so hot to holy crap that’s hot.

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Foods That Scare Me, Part One – Dave’s Dragon Dust

This is a first in a series where I attempt to tackle the upper echelon of the extremely hot…Foods That Scare Me! I’m going to taste and eat stupid-hot extract sauces and products made with LOTS the hottest habaneros and naga bhut jolokias, right on camera for the benefit of all you at home. Will they make me cough and hiccup? Will they cause me to drool and drip snot everywhere (hey, sometimes this job is not a pretty one)? Will I go running for a cup of milk trying to douse the fire? It’s going to be an adventure for you and I to find out what what my limits are.

Today I’m going to taste a teaspoon of Dave’s Dragon Dust on camera. This is one of the best but also one of the hottest crushed chile pepper seasonings available. It’s made with a slew of scorching dried hot peppers such as habaneros and bhut jolokias, as well as milder varieties to give it depth and complexity. Make no mistake about it, I would definitely rank it up there with some multi-million Scoville Heat Unit extract sauces as one of the hottest products I’ve ever consumed.

Will I make it out alive? Watch the video to find out…

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