Chileheads Facebook Group Photo Contest – Part 2

The Dude

This is the 2nd of 2 photo contests for the Facebook Group Chileheads. I have selected 15 of my favorites from the over 100 submissions. The picture will be featured atop the Chileheads group page for all to see for at least 1 month. Since there are so many great pics including those that did not make the cut, I will be using some of those non-winning photos in the future as the featured photo of the month. The winning photo will be determined by the poll below and the most votes will win of course. I will get my Mom to break all ties if I have to. Don’t make me do it! She is a Jewish Grandmother and loves bacon, so some of these might have an obvious advantage. Just sayin’.

I would like to thank all those people that submitted their foodie love for this contest. I am sorry for those that did not make the cut. Sole blame comes down to me as I was the only one that chose them. I determined them simply by whether I thought they were colorful enough, drool-worthy enough and eye-catching enough to sit atop of the group page. Not every photo would fit right (vertically challenged), some had companies products in them, and I tried to avoid advertising so as not to think I was being paid off. Some were a little on the dark side or just did not pop enough for me. Some had background issues and others were a little too greasy in appearance. There were a lot of great BBQ and soup pics and for the most part I just went in a different direction. Not saying they were not worthy, but I had to make some tough cuts. I think with all contests, there will be some disappointed folks and other people that think I made a mistake. I get that and I will take it on the chin, but since I am providing the prize (2 bottles of hot sauce from my favorite stock from 2 different companies), and I felt I would pick what I liked the most and let you good people sort it all out with your votes.

Finally no names are attached to the photos as not to influence the vote. I know some of you will know, but please keep it to yourselves. I rather have a straight vote on what people liked rather than a popularity contest. I know some of you will go find people to vote for you, but I hope it isn’t about who has the most Facebook friends and Twitter followers and it is about who has the most drool-worthy picture for our Chileheads group page. Good luck to all the contestants. Please vote below as well as the stuffed pepper photos as well that you can find HERE. I am awarding two winners instead of just one winner, one for each of the photo votes. We have a Chileheads 2 group as well which is free from reviews and chile pepper pics. People use it to share recipes, talk about restaurants and products they discovered as well a place for companies and events to promote what is going on. I will post one of the 2 winners in this groups banner as well and switch them in April.

Now go vote for your favorite foodie pic…

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