HOT NEWS: USPS is about to rock our community big time!

USPS Retro MailmanTomorrow the United States Postal Service is changing slightly the way it does business, but in a big way. The impact I believe will have a huge and very positive impact on the spicy products industry. The funny thing is that this is so much flying under the radar there is hardly anyone in my office as of yesterday that even knew of anything happening. For those of you that do not know, I have been an employee of the USPS for over 25 years now. In my office we have had no management talks to discuss this major change. The only reason I know of it was because I caught a news release on the employee website while I was looking for something else. I discussed it with my manager all week about when we would get some kind of update or service talk and he looked a bit clueless.

So what exactly is this change? As taken from the USPS website, where you can find a little information about it, here is what is starting on June 28, 2013…

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