NYC Hot Sauce Expo: Recap & Screaming Mi Mi Awards

NYC Hot Sauce Expo toon

I had a humbling realization driving my way home. Steve Seabury made an event in a manner of a few months that would rival any of the other spicy festivals currently out there. Just some guy from Long Island who has a small hot sauce company, who loves this industry and community so much, that he is driven to the point to prove those naysayers out there wrong. He was determined that this show would be big, would be a success and his Screaming Mi Mi awards would mean as much as those that are all ready out there. That really isn’t my humbling realization though, that is just facts I am throwing out to you. My humility comes from the vantage point that I want to help too in some way, but my blog, the other chile blogs are meaningless to the success of a show. We might add a few people to the overall numbers, but the impact is infinitesimal in the scope of things. The means to the end comes down to the event planner. Steve and his partner Ari put together a show that drew a crowd in windy and chilly conditions on the first day that I was shocked to see.

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