Pepper of the Month – November ’15

Jim Duffy from SD news article

Trinidad 7 Pot Primo (Capsicum Chinense)-Back in 2005 a man named Troy Primeaux (Nickname Primo), a Horticulturist and member of the Southern Rock band called Santeria from Lousiana, grew out some of the first seeds of the Naga Morich in the United States. These seeds were obtained from his friend Mark in the U.K. who got the seeds from a market in Bangladesh.

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Pepper of the Month – October ’15

Jim Duffy
Jim Duffy from SD news article

Golden Treasure-(Capsicum annuum)-A very tasty Italian Heirloom variety that grows peppers about 9 inches long. It is very sweet and can be stuffed or used as a frying pepper. Also delicious raw as a snack or salad pepper. Some people make deep fried chips from them. Much more sweeter than the more common Corno di Toro. The Golden Treasure chile plants can get between two to three feet tall and are very productive. Golden Treasure peppers ripen from green to a golden yellow and then golden orange.

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Pepper of the Month – September ’15

Jim Duffy from SD news article

By Jim Duffy

Giant White Habanero-(Capsicum chinense)-This pepper was originally obtained by a renowned chile farmer from Italy named Luigi Mauriello. The Habanero White Giant or Giant White Habanero is a variety that he obtained from an Italian trader 20 years ago (1992-1993), this variety comes from an unknown area of the Caribbean . The trader has no more of this variety because he has failed to regenerate the seeds, so now Luigi possesses the true original variety. Luigi distributed the seeds of this variety all over the world, but few people have managed to cultivate it, because it is not easy to grow. A few people have renamed it the White 7 Pot or 7 Pod White. When you cut open this pepper it does not have the thick membrane of a 7 pot or superhot chile.

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Pepper of the Month – August ’15

by Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy from SD news article

My name is Jim Duffy and I am the owner and founder of Refining Fire chiles. We started off in 2003 as a small Hobby business that made salsa and sold peppers at local markets top raise money to help at risk youth in East County San Diego. The centers these kids went to after school and on weekends are called Youth Venture. Now we have grown to a business that sells retail and wholesale chile seeds, chile plants, dried chile powders, dried peppers and also fresh seasonal wholesale peppers. We sell on an International level everything except Chile plants. We are involved in growing operations in 6 States and 4 countries. Our goal is to raise awareness on the diverse varieties of Chiles many have never grown or tasted. Our other goal is to use a portion of our profits earned to help others in need. That can be people in the chile community, small business and youth at risk.

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Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Challenge 2013- Round 2 Contestant Videos

Round 2 Contestant Videos

This Round is sponsored by Cajun Heat
Cajun Heat

Round 2 is being sponsored by our 2011 Feast Your Eyes on This Spicy Cooking Champion, Clement Bourg of Cajun Heat. He will be a guest judge and give a $50 gift card to the winner of this round. Winner of 2012 Golden Chile Award for Best New Product at Zestfest, Best BBQ Sauce of 2012 from and winner of ILIS’ Lenny Award for Best Product of the Year for 2012, Cajun Heat’s C’est Bon Cajun-Q is a product you need to experience. It is special when the bloggers and the industry both agree on what the best products are, and we got it right this time. Check out this BBQ sauce and more award winning Cajun-style products by clicking on the Cajun Heat picture above. I would also like to give a big thank you for the surprise video studio in a box that Clement bestowed upon me Saturday afternoon. I imagine once I open it up, my video production value will immensely improve. Too bad I can’t get a more charismatic persona to take my place. 😀 Thank you much Clement for being more than a friend to yours truly.

Round 2 Challenge:

Refining Fire Chiles sent all the contestants a couple of dried Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion Chile Peppers. They had to use these super hot chile peppers in a pasta dish of some kind and add something green for St Patrick’s Day. They did not have to make the dish green, they just had to use something whether it was an herb, vegetable or some moldy cheese. They all had 6 minutes in which to make their video, accept for Sam who by winning round 1 gets to have an additional 2 minutes added to his video if he so chooses. Thanks to Jim Duffy for sending the chiles to our contestants. I hope they can handle the heat.

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Lenny Awards – Best Spicy Products of 2012

2011 Lenny Award

Welcome to the 2012 Lenny Awards! I have 15 Lenny Awards to present to the very best in the chile community. Plus, I will also name some very deserving spicy products that just missed the cut in what I feel was one of the greatest years for new fiery products since I started reviewing spicy goods back in 2007. Sure it is a long video, but there is only 1 Lenny Award ceremony and this is it. Please help support their recognition here today with a little purchase which will go a long way.

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Moruga is not just a very hot pepper, its a place

For those who do not know it, the district of Moruga is a sovereign state which lies on the central south coast of Trinidad at the western end of the Trinity Hills. The village is close to Trinidad’s oil reserves, and that and fishing are the area’s main economies. The people are also proud to be in the recent news this past year with some of the huge record breaking hottest chile pepper announcements.

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San Diego Chile Grower Grows World Record Hot Chiles

Trinidad Scorpion Chile Peppers

Jim Duffy, a grower of the rarest and hottest chiles and owner of Refining Fire Chiles, grew the hottest chiles on record in 2010.

Scott: So why no official record with the Trinidad Scorpion?

Jim: It’s a long story and time to tell it. After sending one of my Trinidad Scorpion Peppers to Dave DeWitt in New Mexico in 2009, the journey began. Dave DeWitt is called “Pope of Peppers” and is the author of many chile pepper books. Dave gave the pepper to his long time friend Marlin Bensinger, a chemical engineer and one of the foremost experts on capsaicin science. Marlin tested it and it came in higher than the Bhut Jolokia.

So in 2010 I grew some Trinidad Scorpion and Trinidad 7 Pot plants for Marlin to put into the fields in New Mexico.

Marlin drove out to Lakeside, California just east of San Diego to meet me and see my new chile garden project…

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