25th Annual Fiery Food & BBQ Show Diary- Preshow & some Day 1 pics part 1

Sam in Flame Suit at FFS

I can’t sleep thinking about this show. I still have not packed, and I leave tomorrow a few hours after work. I will pack then. What is the hurry? It is going to be beautiful weather during the day, 50’s-60’s, but in the 20-30’s at night. I am thinking of 1 sweatshirt/jacket and a bunch of t-shirts. Maybe some shorts might make the journey. Am I going to the Caribbean or the high elevation of Albuddahquerque, New Mexico? This is my 6th straight trip to the big show. It might be my last for a while since I like the fun events that the other shows bring, and this show while has it’s moments is a busy and tiring time for the vendors. It is hard for them to get into hangout mode when all they want to do is get off their feet and relax. Enter the Nativo Lodge. It is that place where people from the show hang. No big activity, no karaoke, no big dinner, just some alcohol and a jacuzzi if you are so inclined.

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