REVIEW: The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix – PART 2

Murph's Famous

In January we setup The Murph’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix for review with 3 reviewers, but none of them were hardcore lover’s of that style of drink mix. Yet despite that, the reviews were very positive for this product. You can check those reviews out HERE and learn a little background about this Murph guy. It is rather an entertaining story about an entertaining man who makes one great Bloody Mary Mix. So why are we back with another set of 3 reviewers? Well, The Murph wanted to ask 3 Bloody Mary fans what they thought since they had something to compare it to unlike our inexperienced team from the first review. So we put that team together. For this review we have Jerret Ulmer, John & Julia Huber, and The Schobergs. I think they all get together in the theme for our website, and it is that they all love it spicy. Let us get right to those new reviews then…

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REVIEW: Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Apinya Thai Chile Sauce

I think it is really cool when you get to setup a review for a local company that contacts you and not the other way around. In the town in between my home and work, Apinya Thai Chili Sauce company resides in Herndon, VA. I was happy to oblige Adam Ross the creator. I want to congratulate Adam on the big win at the Fiery Food Challenge at Zestfest 2013 with their first Golden Chile Award for Hot Sauce: Asian-Style – Consumer Ready category. You know you made it big time when you can snatch up one of those bad boys. So what makes this Asian sauce so special?

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REVIEW: Patter Fam Sauces – Pawpaw Chipotle

pawpaw label

Out of the blue comes a package from Pastor Sam Peters and his lovely wife Joyce with 2 bottles of the above sauce. I all ready had me a bottle, so I was curious what I did to deserve such a friendly gesture. Well they were requesting I do a review for them. Well, I am not too fond of 1 person reviews, so I dispatched a bottle to my Leesburg, VA neighbors, the Schobergs. I figure what a better way to turn a 1 person review into 3, right? I was all ready playing with my open bottle so I was well on my way. I was loving dunking chicken with it, but now that it was a review I had to play with it more. With the extra bottle I would have some fun.

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Fierce Bitch

Just when you thought we were all out of the Zings, we got the Mother of All Zings (as stated on the bottle), the Fierce Bitch. This is the last of the hot sauce line that was made to play off the 7 Deadly Sins. We had some bumps in the road with a few of these reviews, but overall we had some pretty good results. This Puerto Rican company really brought some interesting flavor profiles. I want to wish the good people at Flavor Merchants, LLC the best of luck in the future for their product line. Thank you for letting us highlight your product.

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Passionate Lust

7 Deadly Zings now in it’s 7th review, but not the last because we will have the Mother of All Zings next week to wrap up these Puerto Rican reviews for the Flavor Merchants, LLC. With each Deadly Zing, we get an increased heat level. Nothing too hot for our review team just yet, but I assure you from past experience the Mother of All Zings packs a wallop.

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REVIEW: Nolan’s Hot Sauce – Asian Dragon

This is our 2nd review for Nolan’s Hot Sauce, with the promise for more reviews in the future. You can see our last review for Tropic Phantom by clicking HERE. Please read all about Nolan, a 13 year who created his own hot sauce line. Quite a story. A little about this hot sauce from Nolan, “This sauce has a hot lemony zang flavor and will leave your taste buds wanting more. Asian Dragon has a mixture of authentic oriental ingredients including Thai chiles, lemongrass, ginger and wasabi powder. If you love Asian food you will love this, although it is great on most anything. This sauce has a quicker burn and is addictive to chileheads.”

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Mango Gluttony

We are now at the 6th review out of 8 for the Puerto Rican company Flavor Merchants’ 7 Deadly Zings hot sauce product line. Our reviewers have had their disagreements with some of these sauces, but for the most part we have some winners in the group so far. You can check out all the reviews we have done over the last 5 weeks by clicking on the names below:

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REVIEW: Nolan’s Hot Sauce – Tropic Phantom

If you have not heard of Nolan’s Hot Sauces yet, then you are in for a real treat. Nolan is a 13 year old culinary whiz, and he has created a line of hot sauces that have been the talk of the community for the last few months. We got the pleasure to review 2 of his hot sauces for you. Tropic Phantom being the first. I took the following off their website’s home page:

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Green with Envy

We are at our 5th out of 8 hot sauce reviews for the Flavors Merchats, LLC out of Puerto Rico. If you haven’t been following along or have not figured it out, the 7 Deadly Zings is a take on the 7 deadly sins. We are now at Envy, and you can see the other reviews down the page a little if you want to go back and see how the other Deadly Zings stacked up thus far.

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Hot & Proud

This is our 4th review out of 8 hot sauces for the Flavor Merchants’ 7 Deadly Zings product line. Over the first 3 reviews it seems the reviews keep getting better as we go. Let us see if the trend continues with this one. The sauces also get hotter as we go. As taken from the 7 Deadly Zings website, here is what they have to say about the Hot & Proud hot sauce:

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Red with Anger

This is our 3rd review for the Puerto Rican company called Flavor Merchants, and their 7 Deadly Zings product line. The 1st review was a bit of a downer, but the 2nd review was a total comeback victory, and of all things it was with a Guava hot sauce. Now we are go to #3 out of 8 hot sauces which will increase in heat intensity as we go along. You would think the Anger one would be a little higher up in the order, but maybe it is you that will be anger when the bottle is gone and you need more.

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REVIEW: 7 Deadly Zings – Guava Greed

We are back again with our 2nd review for the Puerto Rican company, Flavor Merchants, Inc. and their 7 Deadly Zings product line of hot sauces. In our first review we might not have gotten off to a great start with their mildest hot sauce, and 1st Deadly Zing, Roasted Garlic Pineapple Sloth. For this review Lauren is back to reform the Schoberg team with Alex, plus we have G, and Texas’ own Bishop Brad. This is a guava hot sauce, we don’t get these that often, so what are we to expect? Guava is very sweet. Will it be too sweet for our reviewers. Since this is only #2 Zing out of 8, will it be hot enough to satisfy our spicy loving review team? Check out this review, I think the results might surprise you after the first review.

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REVIEW: Mystic Rhoads Productions – Devil’s Blend Hot Sauce

Above these words are all the reviews we have done over the last 7 weeks for Mystic Rhoads Productions (MRP). I want to thank Adam Rhoads for allowing us to highlight his company’s products. Since his company was created to raise money for a very good cause, (see below), it makes it even more special to help him get the word out. Who knew so many diverse products could be made out of yellow yams? I hope we helped further the yellow yam’s value and MRP’s mission to help the world. I wish you guys much luck and I will be purchasing some goodies from you very soon. That spicy bean dip has my name all over it.

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REVIEW: Mystic Rhoads Productions – Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

This is our 5th review for Mystic Rhoads Productions (MRP), and our last we will do as a team effort with the Schobergs and Mike & Jen. We will however be sticking with the couples over the next 2 weeks as they review the last 2 products by MRP separately from each other. Mike & Jen will review their Original Blend hot sauce while the Schobergs will review the Devil’s Blend hot sauce version.

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