Pickles and Chileheads…What community means to me


Crazy Steve Zielinski

“Your love one has cancer…” Those are the last words you want to hear.

Six years ago I grew too many cucumbers, tomatoes and jalapenos in my garden.

The beginning of condiments on a mission

What do you do when your garden blesses you with an abundance of cucumbers? Friends, family, and co-workers can only eat so many.
We brought 3 bags to the food pantry, which was very grateful. But then there is next weeks harvest. Maybe I went a little overboard when I put in 12 packs of cucumber seeds. OK, not that many, but it was a lot, and these were the pickling variety. These are the green and white skin knobby cukes that have a great crunch.

That was the birth of Crazy Steve’s. I wasn’t planning on creating this brand, but over the next few months, the wheels started to spin (which usually gets me in trouble). All I knew that day was I was going to start making pickles and salsa.

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