Buddah’s Favorite Spicy Glazes, Dipping Sauces and Marinades

In this video I tell you about some of my favorite spicy products. This time I talk about glazes, dipping sauces and marinades. Small time companies trying to make their mark on the world, and if you like such things then you should look at the buying info for each of the products mentioned in the video and get some.

I am also going to mention one more product pictured above. I thought they were out of business at the time I shot this video, but good news is they are still out there looking for a comeback. Chok’on Dis Blaz’n Glaze is the same company that brought you the popular Ass Murdering Hot Sauce from a few years ago. It was reviewed by a few chile blogs and was a hit in all the reviews. I got a chance to review the Chok’on Dis Blaz’n Glaze as it was being launched. I made my very first barbecue ribs when I first moved to my new house 2 years ago. This stuff rocked my que.

I just found me a bottle at Jungle Jim’s on my trip to Weekend of Fire. I called my chilehead friend and sauce maker Christopher Todd Ross aka “Turk” that I got a bottle of his glaze and he informed me that he was making it again. We then discussed doing a review for his products again. I was thrilled by the idea. So if you give me a hollar, and want to try this product for the first time, and do a video review for me, I will set the first 3 that respond with that review.

One note on the Cajun Island product. If you ask most people that have sampled their products at the various shows he appears at will tell you that they like a different product of his. Whether it be the Blackened Bourbon, Jerk, Teriyaki or my personal favorite, the Sweet Blackened, you can’t go wrong. They are all fabulous and worth purchasing. Not to mention the Blackening Spice they sell which is always on the meat Nick Fey, owner, serves at the shows. Nick told me he is ready to open up his first restaurant in Ohio, so we wish him the best. Hopefully he will still be able to attend shows in the near future.

As for the other great products I mentioned in the video, these should get your support if you have never been able to find a good dipping sauce, glaze and/or marinade for your food that wowed you. These products wowed me, and I think you will be wowed too. The product info is below the video.

Signature Hot Teriyaki Pepper Grilling Sauce
BBQ’n Fools is owned and operated by-
Tom Brohamer (To*@BB*******.com)
Phil “Grant” Ford (Gr***@BB*******.com)
Kurt Weidmann (Ku**@BB*******.com)
61535 S. Hwy 97, # 9-367
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: (800) 671-8652

Sweet Blackened Sauce
Cajun Island
Cajun Island
4625 Gender road
Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
Email: ca*********@in*****.com
Phone: (614)-804-1801

Thai Monkey
Captain Thom’s Chili Pepper Company
2527 Fait Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Phone: 410-342-3547
Email: TE******@ca**********.com

Sugar & Spice Sweet Sauce
Pleasant Valley Kitchen Company, LLC
Altamont, NY 12209
(Note- This is the way the address info is listed on their website)

Chok’on Dis Blaz’n Glaze
2146 E. Old Mill Dr.
Deltona, FL 32725
Phone: (407) 227-8048

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  • August 12, 2010 at 8:19 am

    I’ll review it Buddahman

  • August 12, 2010 at 8:20 am

    It’s Nick Ney…not Fey.

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