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Hello my fellow chileheads!!  This month I’d like to introduce you all to another company that blew me away with their products!  Ghost Scream Hot Sauce produces three unique products that feature the flavor and fire of the ghost chile pepper, and as their saying goes….you can “Enjoy with eyes wide open!” 

ghost scream label

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce is a product that local San Clemente, CA Chef Matt Sisson and his wife Deandra have dreamed of producing for a long time. Together, with his culinary passion and her cutting edge design, they launched Ghost Scream.  Matt and Deandra say their  love for intense flavor and spice brought this hot sauce to life.  It is made with a savory blend of Red Wine Vinegar, Onions, Red Bell Pepper, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Ghost Peppers, Canola Oil, Salt, and Spices.  Chef Matt tapped into his vast culinary experience to create this bold and flavorful new hot sauce. The challenge in developing this recipe was to take one of the hottest peppers available and create a sauce that anyone can enjoy.  I’d say Matt succeeded, because this sauce compliments many different types of foods and makes a perfect table sauce.

Before I talk about their other two products, I’d like to share a little more about Matt and Deandra.  Matt Sisson’s passion is food and sharing it with others. Matt attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Once he graduated, he further honed his skills in the top kitchens of this world-class culinary city. Miss Pearls’ Jam House, at the time the best Caribbean restaurant in San Francisco, Scala’s Bistro, an Italian restaurant, and Postrio, Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Northern California flagship restaurant, all drew a hardcore following of foodies and celebrities. These restaurants were the foundation for Matt’s creative flair.

From there Matt moved on to Europe and began a job in Provence, France at the “L’Oustau de Baumaniere, the area’s premier Michelin starred restaurant. He then moved to the Italian region of Tuscany, the Isle del Elba where he lived and worked with a family of restaurateurs.  Nuevo cuisine was the “buzz” on the food scene at the time and Matt had an opportunity to work in the Basque region of Spain. Restaurante Akelarre, perched on the ocean hillside on the outskirts of the city of San Sebastian, served as his introduction to yet another worldly cuisine. 

Upon returning to the States, Matt began work with the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Seven years and two positions of Chef de Cuisine at the Ritz-Carlton, Chef Matt moved on to work in the competitive world of high-end catering with Créme de la Créme. “I have the highest respect for anyone in catering. Hands down, it’s the most challenging job in the industry,” he says. Four years ago, Chef Matt took the helm as the Executive Chef of a private country club in San Diego and additionally founded the Sisson brand of culinary products and services. Most recently being Ghost Scream® Hot Sauce.

Isn’t the Ghost Scream logo and artwork some of the coolest you’ve ever seen?  Well, that is the work of Matt’s wife Deandra.  Deandra Sisson’s passion lies in all things creative, from design and painting to cooking. Her talents in graphic design have led her to work in the cosmetics, crafting and entertainment industries. Covering many mediums of graphic design such as packaging design, magazine and print work. Deandra obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts/Graphic Design while working at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. This experience in the hotel, gourmet food and hospitality industry gave her a taste for the culinary craft and the opportunity to travel. 

Her first travels took her through Mexico, from Mexico City to Oaxaca, Mérida, and Cancun, where she was introduced to many new flavors and cultures. She also traveled through Europe on two occasions. “The food from France and Italy has always stayed with me.” Deandra says.  Some  of her favorites are Foie Gras and pasta, of course! A more recent trip to Seoul, Korea sparked flavors from her childhood.

I recently found out that Deandra and I share something in common.  We both have Korean family and love Korean food.  Deandra began recreating her mother’s recipes from Korea in her early twenties and continues to do so today. “My mom is such an amazing cook, she passed on her taste for different spices, seasonings and unique flavors. Growing up eating dried squid, seaweed paper and kimchi instead of traditional American snacks was such a great opportunity, I am so grateful I was exposed to those foods early on.” 

After graduating she has held positions from Marketing Assistant to Art and Design Director. Currently she is a freelance designer focusing on the Sisson brand of culinary products and services. Most recently being Ghost Scream Hot Sauce.

ghost scream products

Ghost Scream not only makes a delicious hot sauce but two other hot and spicy condiments that feature the ghost chile pepper as well.  Their “Chili Garlic Paste” and “Chili Garlic Jam” are both incredibly delicious products that I highly recommend you try.  If you’re looking for something a bit different from a hot sauce or a salsa…..their “Chili Garlic Paste” is an excellent choice.  This stuff was just awesome on a plate of Chicken Fried Rice!

ghost scream jam mandu

If I had to choose my absolute favorite of the three products I reviewed for Ghost Scream, it is without a doubt their “Chili Garlic Jam!”  This stuff was heavenly on my wife Myong’s homemade “Yaki Mandu” (pan-fried pork dumplings).  I also used their “Chili Garlic Jam” to make a plate of delicious “Garlic Chicken.”  And dipping some “Crab Rangoon” into this heavenly concoction is to die for!!

chili garlic jam chicken

Matt and Deandra Sisson have created some very unique and delicious hot & spicy products.  These are some of the very best that I’ve reviewed all year!  Please check them out at

ghost scream breakfast

Until next month……”ENJOY THE BURN!” Please come say hello on Bill Moore’s Hot & Spicy Reviews. Who knows, you just might find the hot and spicy product that is right for you!


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