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Still dealing with the Thanksgiving Feast-Shopping-lag?  You have your turkey leftovers and sides you are still munching on, trying decide if you ever want to eat like this again, right?  Then all the emails that come to your inbox shoving sale after sale down your throat.  Thinking that if the 2 afternoon emails from Amazon were better than the 3 from the morning.  Not to mention the 20-30 since Thursday.  If you have ever bought anything, you got reminded that you were a customer that needed reminding over and over again.  I do not know about you, but the more I got, the less I wanted to buy from them.  Even some of the small makers in our community flooded my inbox.  Not just from their Facebook posts every day, but from their sale emails.  Did they think I did not see the first 5?

I am not going to humbug this entire piece, I want to actual help out some of our spicy product makers as I did this past weekend with our 5th Annual Super Spicy Sale.  A few of these companies wanted to offer some pretty good bargains well past Cyber Monday and extend them into December.  I have these companies’ sales listed at the end of my post for your convenience if you missed them this busy weekend.  I told them if they did indeed extend the sale, I would do them this service.  It was my way of supporting our community – makers and chileheads as one.

December is also the month I announce my year end Best Spicy Product Awards.  The Lenny Awards are these heart-shaped little tokens of appreciation for a job well done, that I dedicated to my Dad who died of Cancer in 2010.  My Dad often did unselfish acts to help people that he did not know, just because he saw a need to do so.  In his name and spirit, the Lenny was created to give back to a community I love.  None of these companies have any clue or foresight that they will be receiving any form of recognition.  I am sure many companies that have won or been acknowledged as runners-up in past years might have hope for a Lenny, but I am the only one that knows the names of the 2015 Lenny Award winners.  The announcement will be made in the morning hours of December 19th, the day my Dad passed away.  It is not a day that I mourn his life, but rather celebrate it.  It will be an honor to share my love with you once again.

Before I get to the sales from some of our great small businesses in our spicy market, I want to wish you all a safe and loving Holiday season.  Do not let the stress of the busy holiday season get you frazzled.  Do not let the weather climate change take all the warmth in your heart for the people in your life.  Do not the Scrooges in the world take you down to their level.  Stay above it all and spread the love.  We often hear about Pay It Forward – choosing 3 people to help just because you can, and not because you know them either.  Not everyone can help themselves.  The smallest of gestures are sometimes the biggest for those you choose to assist.  I am going to make a pledge to you, that if you Pay It Forward by tagging me on your Facebook page and offer the first 3 people that respond, something, anything, at some point in the future, I will send you a jar of my favorite mustard in the world.  It is going to cost me a pretty penny to buy and ship, and since I am well into debt city, I will limit it to the first 20 people that do this.  The rest of you can be rewarded by the acts you do yourself, no matter what it might be.  This should at least give me an idea who actually reads my little article.  Happy Holidays to you all no matter your faith or belief system.

Here are the December Holiday Sales:


FREE SHIPPING on orders over $45 with code “ILOVEITSPICY”.
10% off any membership to our Hot Sauce of the Month Club with code “CHILEHEADS”. Our monthly memberships automatically ship for free, plus members get unlimited free shipping on all orders from our online shop. It’s a great way to find new small-batch hot sauces, and it makes a really great gift.
Plus, we offer flat rate $4.95 shipping on all other orders and free shipping on all gift sets, no code required.


Our Paulina’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce & Syrena’s Seduction Jerk Hot Sauce are available along with everything else.  We have in place 15% off of anything through December 30! Use code Sea15.


Starting now thru the end of the year.
Hot Line Pepper Products will be offering 25% off all products with our “SAVE25 ” coupon code plus discounted shipping over 4 bottles and FREE swag and products in every order! The more you buy, the more you save and get!


Buy a 6 Pack and receive a FREE shirt. Sale starts om 11/26 and runs through 12/20.


We are offering FREE SHIPPING and a 2 Pack of Cracker Spice with the purchase of 4 or more items!! Sale runs from November 24th to December 20th. Specify cracker or Hot cracker spice – or 1 of each!! No coupon code necessary.


We shun the traditional/corporate-driven “1-day sale” this year – Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? Ha!

From NOW through December 20th (or while gift packaging lasts) all 4-pack gift boxes have been discounted for FREE SHIPPING & FREE gift box!  No coupon code needed! Supplies are limited (~180 left) so don’t wait until the last second to order!


We have put together some awesome HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS this year and are introducing FREE SHIPPING on many of our items for the first time, here are the details:

2015 SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALES through December 31st:

Get 15% OFF any order over $49 by using the discount code “HolidayGifts2015”.

In addition, we are offering a special holiday 2-pack sale on our Gourmet Condiment Gift Set, BUY ONE GET THE SECOND AT 50% OFF!

Get FREE SHIPPING on orders of 3 or more items and FREE SHIPPING on all GIFT ITEMS. Shipping discount will be applied automatically in your shopping cart.

Check out the ONLINE STORE and GIFT IDEAS section of our web site for details.

From now until December 31th
Plus free shipping with a $50 order
coupon code- iloveitspicy


Now through the end of the year… is our Customer Appreciation Sale! Use code “YearEnd2015” for FREE DELIVERY in the domestic US on all orders over $20. Plus take an additional 15% OFF with code “ILOVEITSPICY”.

Use coupon code HSDBS5 to receive 20% off any on line order from our web site www.cinchili.co – Coupon code is good through Dec. 31, 2015.
You Know You’re Gonna Want Some…stock up now!
Passion Pickles® for the Holidays! SAVE THE JUICE…SAVE THE DAY!
FREE SHIPPING on any domestic on line order $75 or over.


Cyber Monday till Christmas 40% off sale. Free bottle of Strawberry Scorpion sauce added to the box on all orders over $40.


Starting now thru the end of the year Mr. B’s Salsa & Hot Pepper Products is running a crazy special thru our online store, check out the specials 20% – 25 % off when you buy 5 or more of the same item.  Now is the time to stock up on your heat or you can knock out your favorite pepper heads all at once.

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