REVIEW: Santa Fe Mixes- Prickly Pear Margarita

We do not have a spicy cocktail mix here just to make that clear from the outset. Apple Canyon Gourmet has some great products including some of the best salsa in the industry that I have ever tried. So when we were asked by Anna Shawver, the face of Apple Canyon Gourmet to do a review of one their new Santa Fe Mixes brand I was more than willing to help out. Firehead Thomas and Fiber Joe stepped up to the plate for the review.

A little about the product from their website:

This delightful mix is a combination of New Mexico harvested Prickly Pear juice, with the right balance of lime juice, lemon juice and cane sugar. Mix with tequila, vodka, rum or gin. Garnish with fresh fruit and enjoy!

Now about Apple Canyon Gourmet:

How It Began

AnnaWelcome… scoot a chair up to my table and allow me to take your appetite on my tour of New Mexico. Peek inside Apple Canyon’s online gourmet general store– a source for premium specialty food products and gifts made in New Mexico. My products combine the influence of Spanish, Mexican and Native American cuisine, resulting in a truly New Mexican experience. I also add a modern twist with ingredients that are growing in popularity.

When I moved from New Mexico to the Pacific Northwest in the mid 1980s I was left with a deep longing for everything I had taken for granted in my home state. I missed the music, dance, fiestas, food and family gatherings. My favorite New Mexican foods were not available in the Pacific Northwest. Certain chiles, I learned, are indigenous to New Mexico. Unless I packed them and took them with me after a visit or had them shipped after the fall harvest, I had to do without.

Well, I didn’t do without. I made several trips each year to New Mexico and returned with red and green chiles I hoped would last until my next visit back home. I soon found myself sharing the chiles with friends, family and other New Mexican transplants. By the 1990’s I and a few of my family members were renting a local community center to host friends and extended family members at our annual Christmas celebration so friends could enjoy chile, posole, tamales and luminarias which were lighting the pathway to the hall. I also began canning my chile products for friends and co-workers.

After returning to New Mexico in 1996, my entrepreneurial spirit emerged and I longed to do something that brought together all the things that were a part of who I am: culture, food, music, traditional recipes and la cocina (the kitchen where my family has gathered for many years). The business and its products began to come together as I found out that I descended from a lineage of entrepreneurs and simple townspeople who understood hospitality and good food.

Soon after starting Apple Canyon Company, I acquired Holy Chipotle, LLC, a family-owned company in Santa Fe with a single product and a very loyal following. I updated the packaging and began to market this quintessential Chipotle sauce with much success. My products and recipes are born of a multicultural energy and spirit that took root in New Mexico in the early 1500’s. Some are derived from traditional recipes to which I’ve added more inventive fare.

My product assortment, serving suggestions, easy-to-prepare recipes and informative product descriptions make shopping at Apple Canyon a simple, enjoyable and taste-tempting experience. I’m committed to creating the finest, award-winning gourmet food products. In order to ensure the high quality and consistency of all of my products, I still make them in small batches.

Apple Canyon products have found a place at the tables of many fine resorts and restaurants, gourmet, gift, gallery and grocers throughout the US and in Germany. I’ve combined equal parts imagination and history with some unique highest-quality ingredients to create an incredible, edible culinary experience.

I believe the soul of cooking is about enjoying life and celebrating with friends and family. From my family to yours, Bien venidos y esperamos que usted nos visitará otra vez. (Welcome! I hope you will visit us again and often.)

Firehead Thomas

Fiber Joe

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