Chilehead Monthly Contest Announcement

ILoveItSpicy Chile Pepper Mug

ILoveItSpicy Chile Pepper Mug flip side

Greetings, Chileheads!

We’re having a contest soon to promote the new “I Love It Spicy” monthly newsletter.  Buddah and I will be hashing out the details (or making them public if he already has the details firmed up in his mind).

Thanks Dan, I will take this over for now…

I owe Dan a lot for his help in making this newsletter go from coma patient to ready for a marathon.  Thanks much my man!  So this contest will be a random one for anyone that subscribes other than my reviewers and writing staff.  I will take all the confirmed subscriber emails and add them to a random list generator (HERE).  As pictured above, you can see both sides of the tankard glass etched mug that was made specially for ILoveItSpicy by Party Potpourri and this is the very first one.  In fact, unless someone else orders more, it is the only one of it’s kind.  I use a special Minnesota Vikings one she made for our fan group.  I freeze it everyday and it makes for a nice frosty of some kind depending on your drinking preference.  Anyway, that mug and a selection of hot sauces I will personally select will be given to the 1st name off the Random Generator’s list.  You will only have a chance if you subscribe and you are a confirmed via email when we go live on August 1st.  I will select a winner on my birthday this Sunday, August 2nd, and then announce it here and on the Chileheads and Chileheads 2 Facebook groups, plus my wall.

I will definitely throw in a bottle of the sauce named after me, Al Buddah Sweet Hot Asian Chili Sauce by CaJohn’s Fiery Foods, as well as my favorite Taco Sauce, Quetzalcoatl also made by CaJohn’s.  I will also toss in my 2014 Lenny Award Product of the Year choice from Bigfats Hot Sauce, Double Dark Black Cherry & Sage hot sauce.  Then I will look around my cupboard for some of my other favorites I have and throw in a couple more.  So you will get the glass etched tankard mug and at least 5 of my favorite hot sauces.  I might have a trinket or 2 more to toss into the box, but that will be a surprise.  All you have to do is to Subscribe to the Chilehead Monthly Subscriber and confirm your email(always check your spam filter if you fail to receive the automated response).  If you are a subscriber when I generate the list on August 2nd, you will be eligible unless of course you are a reviewer or writer with either ILoveItSpicy or the new Chilehead Monthly.  For each 100 subscribers I get, I will add another prize level and will order a mug for the name listed 2nd on the random generated list.  Those mugs have to be made, so it will take longer to mail to those individual winners.

Al Buddah Sweet Chile Sauce - HotQuetzalcoatl Ghost Chili Hot SauceThe Double Dark is a rich, tart, sweet and savory sauce with the deep warmth of chocolate habaneros and nice black pepper notes. A delicious accompaniment from salads to steak and so much in between. Dig in to the brilliant, luscious flavor and you too may be forever transformed.

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  • July 31, 2015 at 2:17 am

    Those who did not get a confirmation email…No worries. We confirmed everyone who was in the system already.

    Thanks 🙂

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