Buddah’s Spicy Chip Review

I am reviewing 2 spicy potato chip products for the price of 1. I have Ruffles’ new Queso Jalapeno potato chips and Herr’s Texas Pete Hot Sauce potato chips. You all know Ruffles, but those that haven’t heard of Herr’s, they are a company out of PA. I remember them from the days we had a vending machine up in NY with some of the strangest flavors going. They still have some unique flavors like ketchup, baby back ribs and steak. Check out their whole sale page with very reasonable prices I might add if you want to get a box of small vending sizes chips. CLICK HERE to see the flavors and or purchase.

Ruffles has also stepped up into the weird flavor arena with their steak and cheese, molten wing flavor, and loaded chili fries. They also had a contest for the next flavor and the winner due out in September is Beer-Battered Onion Rings.

If you have tried these flavors or had some other unusual potato chip, please share your opinion with us. I have some other spicy chip reviews coming soon, so stay tuned for those. Thanks.

Herr Foods Inc
20 Herr Dr, PO Box 300
Nottingham, PA 19362
Phone: 1-800-63-SNACK
Facebook: CLICK ME

PO Box 660634
Dallas, TX 75266-0634
Phone: 1-800-352-4477
Facebook: CLICK ME

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