Rippin Red Dream

About this project from the Rizzotti’s of Rippin Red Wing Sauce:

The Rippin Red Dream. As a Small sauce maker it is very hard to make a dent in the market today. Currently our Product Rippin Red Wing Sauce has had much success including 4 National Awards and is currently being distributed by the largest Hot Sauce Distributor in the Country Peppers,

Even with that amount of success our profits barely keep the business running much less give us the ability to launch a new product. Insurance which we all know is a killer, Manufacturing cost and the cost of trade shows don’t leave anything left. With the addition of a second product line we will be able to build our brand name, do more shows and eventually release a 3rd product and so on!!!

Large Manufactures such as the brands you see in large grocery chains have the ability to make and sell millions of bottles a month. We believe this country was built on small mom and pop brands like us and we would like to continue that tradition. In addition Large manufactures use additives and preservatives in their products. NOT Rippin Red! Our product is all natural and we are proud of that!

We would like to ask that you help keep the small business alive in the U.S. Even a dollar donation makes a difference!

We thank you for your time and hope you can find it in your heart to assist us build our brand!

John & Christina Rizzotti

Rizzotti Foods LLC.
Abingdon, MD 21009
Facebook: CLICK ME


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